COVID-19 has changed many school characteristics, which has been explained by our instructors, but the one thing that has not been discussed between teachers and students has been fundraisers for this school year. 

Although students are trying to be positive, it has been thought that senior year is only one year away. If they expect to have a trip and a nice prom, they need to gather the money. 

 “I feel concerned about it since I am a member of the Junior Class officers. Last year, we were coming up with all these plans and ideas for our prom and end of year celebrations,” junior class parliamentarian Rachel Cruz said. “However, this year turned everything upside down. I still want to do all these fun stuff; after all, we are approaching our senior year, so the least we could do is try to make it memorable.“

Meanwhile, other students look forward to this year and are waiting for new adjusted activities. 

 “I heard that they are trying to put together an “Among Us” fundraiser,” former junior student Daniela Galvan said, “And I think that’s a great idea since it is trending. I think the fundraisers are going to change to online-only since we cannot mean in large groups.”

It has been hard for the student council to adapt to distance learning and coming up with ways to execute fundraising ideas. 

 “It’s not even a matter of not having any fundraising ideas; it’s thinking of how to collect the money,” Rachel said. “I don’t think it would be safe for us to be managing money because we don’t know where it has been or who might have had Covid-19 and touched that same money.”

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