Carter Red Wolves take grab a hold of the keyboard Students develop, write, research and report.

The course is designed following the principles of project-based learning. Each student in the
classroom will take a vital role in the development, writing, researching, reporting, and
publishing of a monthly newspaper/newsletter. Students will also gain first-hand experience in
taking print content and reformatting it for web consumption.


  • Gain an overview of news journalism’s public service role in a democratic society
  • Become familiar with fundamental principles of journalism, such as truth-telling, watchdog reporting, accuracy, courage, tolerance, justice, minimizing har
  • Learn basics of journalism law, history, and ethic
  • Gain a roadmap for succeeding in the journalism program and the profession
  • Gain emerging skills and experience in reporting and writing, regardless of platform, with attention to accuracy, fairness, and completeness
  • Learn established professional and school standards related to news-gathering, reporting, writing and publishing work
  • Build critical thinking skills necessary to collect, evaluate, organize, and disseminate news
  • Build reporting and writing skills necessary for online, print or broadcast journalism
  • Write breaking news, event coverage and short interviews with newsmakers, from events such as accidents, crimes, fires, disasters, speeches, press conferences, meetings
  • Identify what is newsworthy from set of facts and organize a news story from those facts
  • Recognize basic news ledes: direct and indirect, as well as active voice vs. passive voice
  • Ultimately, the “purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and
    their governments.

Jaelinne Benavidez
About: Hello my name is Jaelinne i am currently a Junior at JCECHS. I am a very social and athletic person. I also like unicorns.
Erik De La Rosa
About: Comic books, laptop, Xbox, and trading card games this is all he needs in a normal day. Being a senior means he is exhausted of school activities that take up his class time or off periods.
Sol Garcia
About: Garcia is a lover of words, writing and reading them. She's junior class vice-president, a member of National Honor Society, and a member of the Book Club. She's a firm believer in justice for everyone and has a strong love for dogs.
Isidro Garcia
About: My name is Isidro Garcia and im currently attending Jimmy Carter Early College High School. I was born on Feburary 7, 2001. My hobbies are to playing all outdoors sports and participate in public events. I like to take pictures of grate views of nature. Im mostly see National Geographic and learn new things about the world.
Briana Martinez
About: I am Briana Martinez and I am a freshman at JCECHS. On my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, and I enjoy reading. I love interacting with others. I am a writer for the Red Gold News paper.
Mayte Moya
Anabelly Ordoñez
Abraham Perez
About: My name is Abraham Perez. I'm a freshman, and some of my hobbies are playing drums, playing basketball, listening to music, skateboarding, drawing, being with my beautiful one of a kind girlfriend, playing with my dogs, and being outside. I am writer for the Red Gold News paper.
Angela Rodriguez
About: Jimmy Carter student, class of 2020. Don't like to talk with many people.
Alexandro Sanchez
About: Hello, my name is Alexandro Sanchez.I was born on April 28, 2002. I am a sophomore at jcechs.My favorite color is blue. My hobbies are playing the tuba, being with my girlfriend, and playing my Xbox.
Ivan Silva
Job Title: Newspaper Advisor
About: •Dual Enrollment Teacher, Jimmy Carter Early College H.S. •Adjunct Instructor UTRGV •Journalism Advisor for Red Gold at Jimmy Carter Early College H.S.
David Vazquez
About: My name is David Vazquez, I am fourteen years old and I am a freshman at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. I am a funny person, fun to be with, and I think I would be a very good friend. I am grateful to have family and friends that support me.
Vanessa Verdin
About: Junior at JCECHS, add me in snap its_vanessa3 <3 Was brought to this world in November 4th, 2000, Team Scorpio. I like myself and donuts.
Alondra Zapata
About: I'm a freshman at Jimmy Carter I love makeup and spending time with my friends.