Carter Red Wolves take grab a hold of the keyboard Students develop, write, research and report.

The course is designed following the principles of project-based learning. Each student in the
classroom will take a vital role in the development, writing, researching, reporting, and
publishing of a monthly newspaper/newsletter. Students will also gain first-hand experience in
taking print content and reformatting it for web consumption.


  • Gain an overview of news journalism’s public service role in a democratic society
  • Become familiar with fundamental principles of journalism, such as truth-telling, watchdog reporting, accuracy, courage, tolerance, justice, minimizing har
  • Learn basics of journalism law, history, and ethic
  • Gain a roadmap for succeeding in the journalism program and the profession
  • Gain emerging skills and experience in reporting and writing, regardless of platform, with attention to accuracy, fairness, and completeness
  • Learn established professional and school standards related to news-gathering, reporting, writing and publishing work
  • Build critical thinking skills necessary to collect, evaluate, organize, and disseminate news
  • Build reporting and writing skills necessary for online, print or broadcast journalism
  • Write breaking news, event coverage and short interviews with newsmakers, from events such as accidents, crimes, fires, disasters, speeches, press conferences, meetings
  • Identify what is newsworthy from set of facts and organize a news story from those facts
  • Recognize basic news ledes: direct and indirect, as well as active voice vs. passive voice
  • Ultimately, the “purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and
    their governments.


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