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Feeling rushed

This week has felt so rushed and stressful since AP tests are coming up. I finished writing my 5-page research paper, and I’ve never felt so relieved. I was apprehensive that I would not be able to turn in my assignments on time, and I am currently doing some at the moment as well. Eventually, I studied some old AP exam questions, and I had placed a timer to help me manage my time with each item. I taught myself to remain calm under pressure, and I’ve been improving quite a bit; I hope to get at least a three on the physics exam. Also, I’ve been finishing the long assignments before deadlines and complete the short ones for later, leaving off with extra days just to chill. Hopefully, my hotspot remains to have stable and fast wifi for the rest of the week. I am with my dad up north, and shockingly, the local people in this small town are not wearing any masks or anything. Only the cashiers were wearing them, and I felt a sense of tension and awkwardness when my mom and I were the only ones protected. On the other hand, it’s been very chilly here, and I was able to spend time with my whole family. My dad brought us to where he works, what he specialized in, and what types of things he does daily. It made me feel closer to him knowing how it’s not an easy job in my point of view, but it is also hazardous since there are many rattlesnakes, scorpions, and wild boars roaming around. On the other hand, I’ve been distracting myself with social media, and I’m also studying so much that I figured out how easy physics and math can be once you get the hang of it. I would always hesitate and give up once I’d see a long word problem or equation, but I’ve taught myself to try and engage in solving the problem, and I’ve returned to loving math now. I still stumble on remembering formulas and forgetting to put the decimal in the correct spot. Again, I understand lessons better than before, instead of immediately asking for my friends if they knew how to do it. Alth

ough, I still may be slacking off from time to time because I’m still not used to doing school online, and I honestly really don’t like it. I texted my old best friend who’s homeschooled, and she’s been giving me some advice like; don’t work on your bed or have your phone with you when doing so, and it’s been beneficial. I haven’t been texting all of my friends always, but I do check up on them once in a while. But, yeah, I heard there were giant deadly hornets which are fresh and very scary, of course. Other than that, I have been safe and protected, and everyone in my family hasn’t been sick with the pandemic, and hopefully, they and everyone in the world continue to stay safe during the quarantine.

Keeping it simple

Everything has been the same and repetitive. There isn’t anything interesting to jot down this week, but I did get to fix up my schedule, though. I sleep at 10 pm and then wake up somewhere at 7 in the morning.

I’ve completed all my anatomy assignments and quizzes after consistent studying back and forth between the chapters. Now, I just need to complete other tasks from other classes. Other than that, I’ve mostly been on Youtube, Instagram, looking at memes, and browsing through anything interesting or funny videos. I’ve also been in touch with my close friends through facetime and just continually talking about how bored we are. I’ve also decided to rewatch The Office series for the 6th time because it never fails to make me chuckle at the same jokes. I’ve also got into painting and was able to sell my first canvas! Although I never really wanted to sell my art since I just consider it as a simple hobby, it was nice knowing that someone enjoyed the piece. I ordered some watercolor paints online since it’ll be my first time trying them out, and I’ve always loved watercolor art. I’ve also been lifting weights and gaining back muscle. I’ve been looking forward to trying out for the La Joya drill team, but I’m not sure when the tryouts will be so, I’ll need to keep a lookout for any updates.

Qdditionally, I haven’t gotten ready at all week, I usually was always looking forward to straightening my hair and putting on makeup for fun, but now I have been digging that natural look. I’ve gotten used to my curly/wavy hair, and I’ve learned how to style it. I’ve never liked having curly hair since it’s either frizzy or I end up using so many products just to keep its volume and definition. I’ve also been taking care of my skin, and it’s more healthy, which is excellent. I’ve been helping my mom around the house and spending more time with her. Everyone had their little routine before quarantine, and now we are keeping in touch with one another. We spend nights playing  Jenga, and I’ve concluded that she’s more competitive than I thought.Moreover, I’ve also baked blueberry muffins from scratch, and they came out better than I thought. Though the coronavirus is progressively getting worse, and there are more cases around the area. Yesterday, I was watching the local news and heard that Laredo, Texas, had received 30+ instances of the coronavirus. The reporter had claimed that people aren’t getting tested, which is a problem around the area, and they were trying to spread awareness about the issue. However, one of the drawbacks that I’ve seen is that people, especially people that I know, are continuing to leave their homes and drive around like it’s nothing. It’s probably one of the reasons why people are prone to get infected. All in all, I hope that everyone is staying inside and hopefully finding ways to get distracted and also staying safe.

And Now a Night Owl I Became

I am now fully in nocturnal mode sadly. I sleep at 7:30 in the morning and don’t wake up until 2:00 in the afternoon. I have noticed that my productivity and my creativity has increased astonishingly. However, the con is that I have to force my sleep schedule back to usual school timing since I have to get onto my zoom meetings. I have been completing every assignment that takes the most time, such as completing essays that would usually take me days and right before the deadline, but now I complete those assignments in a matter of time. At night, everything is so quiet and peaceful, and I turn up my speaker listening to LoFi or whatever that’s just calming. My mom usually sleeps and does her daily routine, but my brother, who is across from me, is yelling into his mic and video games with his friends online, and usually stays up at the same time as I do. Also, speaking of creativity, I was able to make perfect souffle pancakes! I didn’t think that I would find all the ingredients, but after roaming around the kitchen, I did. I had trouble finding the correct measurements and actually ended up doing some math. After having trouble separating the egg yolk and egg whites, I was finally able to separate them with my hands like in those experts in baking shows. I gently mixed the whipped egg whites and the other mixture together and folded them together. Then I placed a dollop of the batter into the buttered pan and waited for three minutes, constantly checking on them. Finally, I flipped them over, and once I saw the golden side of the pancake, I felt so accomplished. I topped them off with powdered sugar and frozen fruit on the side. They ended up tasting so light and heavenly, and my mom was surprised at the outcome. Furthermore, I also painted a video game character, and it honestly came out so well; I usually find painting as too messy and too much work, but it’s actually pretty calming and soothing once you get the hang of what you’re doing. That was pretty much the highlight of the day out of the other days, which was cleaning around the house and playing fetch with the dogs. I haven’t been up to date with the whole coronavirus news, but I have been listening to my friends talk about their experiences when they’re out and about. It seems frightening knowing how different everything has gone and how people have been acting so differently. Last week, my dad and my older brother arrived home after they got the weekend off, and they spent Easter with the whole family, but we all stayed inside and played Jenga, which brought the whole family together. However, when my dad was cooking outside on his grill, he came inside and told us that there were two helicopters roaming around, probably checking up to see if families were keeping their social distance. So, that just sums up my week, and I hope I’ll actually fix up my sleep schedule.

College students discussing their future
JImmy Carter's juniors, Cristian Ramirez and Amry Lucero are planning ahead, and prepared to check off their top college location picks on their checklist.

Where Do You Want To Go To College?

College students discussing their future

Jimmy Carter’s juniors, Cristian Ramirez and Amry Lucero are planning ahead, and prepared to check off their top college location picks on their checklist.

Annual Art Competition

On November 1, 2019, students of the La Joya District are going to share their holiday Christmas spirit and their present their artistic abilities in this year’s annual Art Competition of 2019.

Students will need to create their original artwork in a five by seven greeting card, following the theme called “Shine Bright and Show your Holiday Pride.” 

The greeting cards will be published and printed throughout the district web page for everyone to see, and the cards will be mailed out to the teachers and staff from the La Joya I.S.D.

Carter students will compete within their grade level and from other schools in the district. Competitors should submit their artworks to the art teacher, Nilda Valle, by Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, by 4:00 p.m.

The school superintendent, Gisela Saenz, and the administration of the La Joya ISD will be the ones judging and selecting the top five students from the district as the top finalists. They will post their artworks on the Facebook page, and the artworks with the most likes will be the winner. The winners will be announced at the La Joya ISD Facebook page on November 14, 2019.

The winner of 2019 will be recognized and receive a special gift

 Students of Carter who want to participate in the art competition should talk to the art teacher Nilda Valle for more information.

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