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Most associate this word with a pair involved romantically, yet it’s so far from the truth. A genuine soulmate relationship is composed of a duo that shares a close bond, unlike any other, no matter the circumstance. It’s an ideal relationship, whether it be friendly or romantic.

I still remember therapy sessions. Endless personal vendetta leading to the same statement, “Mija, friends are like seasons. You can’t expect them to stay longer than they should.” I felt so lonely yet selfish. It was evident that our season was over. I was willing to deteriorate myself for a couple of friends and didn’t care to realize for the people right in front of me. They were a crowd of love and hoped to cheer me on, awaiting my comeback.

She was right there, front and center. My hand to hold and shoulder to cry on. My leap of faith. We were acquainted at best, and yet she managed to set all barriers aside. She clearly was unconditional love expecting nothing in return. So we shared our stories. With lumps on our throat, tears of laughter, we shared it all. We became close fast. Soon enough, sharing wouldn’t be necessary. We now took part in each other’s stories.

I don’t know why bad things happen to good people. One thing is for sure, we grew and continue to grow because of it. Our thriving endeavor has helped us accomplish many things in life, even when our fight becomes to live long enough for the next day.

I stand corrected when I talked all those times about you as my best friend, because you’re my soulmate. Even if our season is ever over, I’ll reminisce about our time together, and I know for a fact at that point you’ll reserve a special place in my heart. 

Dear Jimmy Carter Teacher, A Message To All Educators-Thank You

At first, I didn’t know whether to start with a thank you or an apology. There’s something about teaching an ocean of hormonally imbalanced teenagers that doesn’t sound too appealing to me. Nonetheless, here you are. Repeating a lecture seven times a day, speaking so passionately, others are sure to confuse your lesson with a sermon. All for what? For that one bratty kid in every period to step all over your dauntless discourse? (Seriously, though, if you have the answer, please email me.)

Anyway, there’s a reason I believe the journey between a student and a teacher is forever. You see, whatever us students amount to, become in life, it is because of you. Like sponges, we soak up a lot of what’s taught to us. Learning your mannerisms is the easiest, though. At this point, hearing “chispas” out in the halls was inevitable. So, expect a couple of years from now for me to become a lawyer and say something witty following the victory of my first case–I know Mr. Silva would do the same.

Not only do we learn a surplus of academic skills and idiosyncrasy, but we also learn impacting life lessons. Whether it be taught directly from you or an obstacle in life, you make us know that you’re there for us. Not many have the option to confide in their teachers. Yet, you make it available to us without an expectation of a return. As a student, I’m inspired by this, and it makes me cherish the relationship between student and teacher evermore.
Let me take on a more personal note. I’d like to thank my freshman year teachers for helping me showcase my inner child phase. Sophomore teachers Thank You for being there for me through my toughest phase, my junior year teachers, for cheering me on in my comeback phase. And to my senior teachers, well for what’s to come. Each and every one of you makes the difference in who we are and who we aspire to be. Just as I know we matter in your lives, please take note that you matter in ours too.
I’m sorry, and thank you.

Four Walls

I think about you often. Are you damage, or pain, or are you just the negative space I’ve created in my head? I cradle myself between velvet sheets when I need your comfort, your warmth. You’re my haven when chaos between my family arises. So why must I resent you so carelessly?

For the most part, I find I’m vulnerable with you, four walls. I run to you when I need a dividend between the people that care, and the catastrophe played out in my head. But could you blame me? You hold an infinity of cherished memorabilia, books, and untold stories. You’re beautiful in meaning just as you are in appearance.

However, lately, I can’t stand to be within you. Is it because of this quarantine? Is it because I know if I leave you, four walls, I’ll be eager to step out that front door? I am eager. Eager to embrace, caress, and engrave me in a peaceful conversation that flows like air.

I miss you, friends, and family, and friends that feel like family. I miss the indistinct chatter amongst the halls of an institution that took up eight hours of my day. I miss Student Council meetings, UIL practice and competitions, TAFE talks, and the occasional Leo’s Club set-ups. I miss Ms.Valle, and her persistent talks about mentoring and helping me improve my painting skill.

I guess the more I think about what makes me happy, the more distant I become. Is this your fate, four walls? Is this what you’re destined to become? Because I can’t hold back this feeling. Why are you becoming so foreign to me? Please help me explain.

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

I don’t mean to sound irrational, but I sometimes wish our regular life would just go as is despite the pandemic. I wish I could just hold my baby nephew and hug my little cousins, especially right now. However, what’s most difficult is the feeling of being stuck at home. Sure I’ve been keeping myself busy, but I can’t help remembering all of the good plans I had in store for this year.

Before the start of this pandemic, a couple of my friends and I had been raving about concert tour dates announced in early January. Mind you, the only highlight on the news was Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial. So, despite the blood bath that it was, I managed to get decent tickets to the show. Victory I thought, I was all set for May 9th.

Also, my family and I had decided to go to Austin. We wanted to drive there and stop throughout the trip to visit colleges with the end goal of visiting UT Austin, one of the universities I’m most interested in attending. Unfortunately, these plans had been set for Spring Break and were intercepted by the virus newly found in America.

Furthermore, I was genuinely interested in UIL. I wanted to finish the season competing and improving my journalism skills. Although I know I can grow at home, it’s not the same as being with the team and my coaches, and competing gave me a chance to see old friends and gave me something to do at the weekend.

My summer plans falling through has me bummed out. Although most use this time as a vacation period, I had spent a good amount of my first semester making and submitting summer program applications that are now canceled—some of them being at the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. I feel upset that I won’t be able to travel, meet new people, and learn new things involving business and language.

On the brighter side, the concert turned out to only get postponed, and our tickets would be validated when the event does end up happening. Also, even though my plans to visit universities are no more, I can always do virtual tours. Sure, the UIL season might be over, but there’s next year, and as far as my summer plans, improving by all means necessary is at the top of my list.

What I do to kill time.

            When I’m not feeling down or stressing over a deadline that I could have potentially procrastinated in,  I like to keep myself busy. Of course watching re-runs of Parks and Rec. is always an option, but after a few episodes, it just makes me feel bored and guilty. I find it better to use my time doing things that somehow benefit me. Without a doubt, this is what I do to suffice this encroaching boredom.

            First on my list is something I picked up two years ago and just recently picked back up, French. I think the reason I first picked this up is because I’ve always had an interest in learning different languages and since I hope to become an International Business Lawyer, I decided to retrieve this skill. 

The second skill I decided on came from admiration to those who are ambidextrous. Although this sounds completely absurd, I’ve been trying my best to trace through dashed ABC papers that are given to kindergarteners to help with penmanship. I can rest assured knowing that this skill is definitely going to help me out if I’m ever in a predicament that doesn’t allow me to use my right hand.

Third is what I find most useful even when I feel down and overwhelmed. I really enjoy taking long walks with my mom. While we’re walking we vent over issues that we have and just try to be there for each other. This also really helps when just wanting to change the scenery were inclined to, our homes.

Lastly, I’ve really enjoyed cooking new recipes for my family and I to try. Whether it be on YouTube or TikTok, I’m always finding new recipes for us to try. Of course when things go south, there’s nothing a delivered dominoes pizza won’t fix. 

The secret to curing this boredom is doing things that you love and are fond of. When when you’re bored always remember that there are so many things you can learn from, and also help you. 

Eye Strain


After a long and difficult 5 minutes of working, it becomes really easy for us to take a quick 30-minute break and watch anything else with any device at hand. What’s worse is that once we are done with our break, we go back to our homework to repeat this cycle, thus using way more technology than we should.

One clear indicator of such would be having your eyes increasingly tired of too much screen time and intense headaches throughout the day. Another side effect would be having difficulty going or staying asleep.

Now that we’ve discussed possible temporary problems when using too much technology, we must also asses the possible long-term effects. Such impacts are seen more in physical side effects, for example, spinal and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vision issues from gazing at the screen. Not to mention the dreaded loss of sleep.

What is clear is the more time we spend in self-quarantine, the easier it is to gravitate towards the use of electronics even more so when we as a school moved towards technology-based education. We truly miss out on what’s happening on our surroundings, although it may be limited to our property’s perimeters.

So let’s take time to appreciate those who are quarantining with us and spend time together doing an activity that you both share. Maybe you can learn something for a family member that you never thought you’d know.

I understand this doesn’t really appeal to us as a Hispanic community, but maybe, just maybe, you can catch the whole family in a willing mood.

So maybe the whole family thing doesn’t work out. There are so many more things to do.

First of all, we should constantly be keeping up with proper hygiene. Second, we should try to implement any kind of physical activity. After this, you can take up a new hobby, for example, reorganizing your room. Many feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment right afterward. Or maybe you’re not having the best day, take time for yourself. After all, there are many things to do instead of relying on our devices.

One thing that we could conclude is using too much technology is not only bad for one’s health, but it’s bad in that it hinders your chance of interacting with your surroundings.

The landscape before me

Emotional Confliction: A plight of overwhelming sentiment I feel. A train station that slowly corrupts sane thoughts

The landscape before me

A plight of overwhelming sentiment I feel. A train station that slowly corrupts sane thoughts and brings upon a fresh batch of nothing and everything at the same time. “There will be a curfew from 10 pm to 6 am…” “We are issuing a stay at home order…” “School will resume until May 4th…” One thing I do tend to hear a lot is, “You are not alone; everyone is going through this together…” but I can’t help feeling selfish at the thought of placing my emotions onto the range of the crowd outside these four walls.

So I try my best to conceal. Conceal the madness that is my brain, at least until it’s lights out, and everybody is asleep anyway. During the night is when it gets worse. Many long for silence, yet I resent it, especially during this time at night. I pray to the higher power, whether it be associated with religion or some sort of science. Then I realize just how skeptical I am of that too. And I tend to scrap all the will power within me to fight against the wave of tears brimmed beneath the pupils of those eyes. Those eyes that wish to see the media take their place and provide comfort and solace along with this devastating news. Those eyes that carry the need to make everyone feel happy and loved, and want to protect people.

Alas, one day, I woke up stricken with a will; it is time to challenge despair. I run desperately towards the door, and I step outside. I step outside and on to the grass, although I shouldn’t, because I’m allergic to pollen, and I breathe in condensed and polluted air. As I do so, I admire the landscape before me, then I turn around, and I feel grateful for my life, and for the beautiful shelter, I can call my home. So I start my way back inside as if to be a completely new person.

Since then, I take upon that persona. One that goes through emotional vendetta in a healthy manner and isn’t afraid to place herself with the rest. I realized that this conflict is nothing but a state of mind. The angle that I perceived at the start was true, and it was me. So is this angle and version. I once read in an article, “Though some parts of our personalities feel written in stone…, the truth is that all of us are capable of altering our perspective.”  I guess the point I’m trying to convey is all emotions and personal conflicts are valid. I suppose even more so at this stage. We really are going through this together. I’m more optimistic and hopeful towards the future now, and I encourage you to do so too. You are not alone.

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