This year, Mrs. Cavazos, Jimmy Carter Librarian, is looking for a fourth member to join the club called Battle of the Books to compete for the upcoming February 2021.

“How can you participate in the Battle of the Books?”

The librarian answered, ” In order to join the club, you need to be completely sure that you’re reading the five books this year. Then you need to test on them in renaissance learning and have a good grade. Also you need to keep up with your classes for these two semesters.”

“What are the activities once you join in”

” The activities that we do is by reading the books in a group, writing questions that seem important to the story. And once we finish a book we go online and play on kahoot or on quizzes on the same book that we finish.”

“When is the competition?”, I said

She replied, ” The competition is in February, 2021, and it is on virtual meaning online.”

If you have any question regarding or wishing to be in the please contact Mrs. Cavazos 

phone number : 956 – 624 – 6342


Hi my name is Briza Hernandez.