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Summer Fun at Harvard for Carter Student

During the summer, current Carter junior Marissa Llamas visited Harvard University on a trip sponsored by the Texas Graduate Center on June 25 through June 28.

Marissa was invited to by carter teacher, Queen, a Harvard alumnus. She has known Llamas since her freshman year. Although Llamas has never been one of her students, she has participated in UIL mathematics, one of the events that Queen coaches, for the past school years.

 Llamas said,” I’ve been with her since freshman year, even though I’ve never have had her for a class, I was still in UIL mathematics, and like I’ve stuck with her, so I guess she stuck with me by allowing me to go to Harvard.”

Llamas hopes to one day become a math teacher and teach high school students.

Carter Student Experiences Touring Washington University at St. Louis

Sophomore Kayla De Leon toured Washington University at St. Louis this summer. She was invited by Harvard alumnus Queen Martin and Carter principal Claudia Gomez-Perez.

Kayla was one out of two students that were afforded the opportunity to travel outside of Texas and tour universities. Kayla was chosen by freshman Algebra I teacher, Queen Martin, a recent graduate from Harvard University and by Carter’s principal because of her involvement in UIL Math and her academic accomplishments.