The ongoing pandemic has given students a new outlook on school and life. 

“It truly has changed my perspective on life,” a junior, Karolina Hernandez, said.

Hernández said that the virus has been hard on her, but it has made her appreciate her family. With a changed attitude, she proceeds to say, “The pandemic made me cherish my loved ones,” Hernandez said. 

To add, there are different ways the virus has impacted students. Another student Evelyn, Trevino, sophomore, said that the virus gave her more time to work. 

“Now, I cannot only manage my time but know what’s best for me,” Trevino said.

Trevino also said that COVID had changed her priorities.

“ They have changed for the better, Trevino said.

She said this year she wants to improve in her grades and wants to be focused.

“ This year, I try my very best in all my assignments. My top priority is staying focused on my grades,” Trevino said. 

Hello my name is Karyme. I am a junior; I currently work at Whataburger. If anyone wants to go visit. I am also in spelling and prose for UIL. My hobbies include painting which is more of a de-stress and playing piano even if I am not good at it.