With new officers and educational settings, new communication methods are being discussed for the students. The student council officers have been wondering how to keep in contact with students during Covid-19 online learning to allow interactions with the students.

The Junior student body President is willing to keep everyone safe and suggests his idea for communication. “Mainly, I would do this by talking to them, maybe starting a group chat,” he said “I would think of what they’d prefer, like what’s more convenient for them to use. So probably, if it was on Snapchat then Snapchat, if Whatsapp then Whatsapp. It just depends on the student’s preferences.”

Current Student Body Vice-President has different thoughts compared to the president. “ I thought of doing surveys and sending them out during the first period, to write suggestions that the students want,” She said, “ I do want to make it anonymous as well.” 

During an interview, the Former Student Body President and Vice-President had given their suggestions on keeping in contact with the rest of the class. “I think that my way of trying to keep in contact with the rest of the students is by creating google forms either for the whole class of 2022, separated group forms, or directing individual forms for the students.” said the former vice president. “I would create multiple Google meets with the students, or create one huge meet for all the students,” said the former president. 

“That’s going to be one of the challenges that we are going to have to face as a student council,” the president said. “we are going to try our best to find a source of communication that works for all students.”  

The student council is currently trying to figure out the way they plan on communicating with the students and is going to announce when the results are set. 

I'm a Junior at Jimmy Carter Early College and a publisher for the Red Gold News. I'm currently working with a group of students and staff on a podcast available on any listening platform.