These past days have been a rollercoaster. I think my head is wrapped around the fact that the coronavirus exists, and I’m not as afraid as I used to be since I’m precautious. Everyone is still doing the same errands and routines they would do before, pretending as if there’s not a virus outbreak going on or it won’t catch up to them. I can see why the news mentioned that many cases are increasing all around the valley but not in cities like San Antonio. I’m tired of seeing people go out and ignoring the rules that the government enforced for their safety. It does frustrate me that people can be so ignorant over this crisis.

On the other hand, I’ve been passing my days piled up with a lot of work; it feels as if I don’t even get enough time for myself. I wake up to more and more assignments on Google Classroom every day. In my opinion, going to school was way better than this quarantine. I think we get even more work now that we’re not in school. But, it’s okay, I still get everything done on time. This quarantine has mentally drained me, and I have no motivation for anything. It does make me realize how lonely and boring my life is. The only thing that keeps me sane is music. I’ve been trying to explore new music tastes. I always listen to the same trends, but I like to keep up with new releases. Lately, I’ve been getting into indie rock music, it is soothing to hear, and it keeps me calm. Besides that, I’ve been sleeping a lot to the point where when I wake up every day, I start feeling dizzy, and it doesn’t go away till later on. I’ve learned how to cope with it, and I just hope that this feeling doesn’t last long. Anyways, I’m the type of girl that when she feels sad, I like to clean and remodel my room to make me feel better. This past weekend, I decided to redo my room and take out clothes I didn’t need.

I did end up liking my new set up better since I have way more space now. But I wanted to order online stuff for my room like paintings, posters, shelves, etc. Within the time, I’ll get my room to look like how I want it to be. Meanwhile, I’ve been dedicating my nights to my mom, watching comedy movies. The movies we’ve watched is “How To Be A Latin Lover,” “Step Brothers,” “Father Of The Year,” etc. It makes me happy and blessed when I catch her laughing because she’s done so much for us that sometimes she needs to escape reality for a while too. Although this quarantine has pushed all of my buttons, I’m hopeful that better days will come for all of us, and this crisis will end sooner than later.

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