Jimmy Carter Early College High School has won a College Success Award – Gold

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JCECHS has received GreatSchools.org’s inaugural College Success Award – Gold!

As a recipient of the College Success Award in 2021, 2020, and 2019, Carter received the first-ever College Success Award – Gold distinction for a multi-year track record of preparing students to enroll and succeed in college. Carter is among 1,770 high schools in 26 states to receive the Gold Award.

“I feel like we have accomplished a lot and just proving that most Hispanics who come from low incomes and higher incomes can come together and graduate and be successful,” sophomore Mariana Alanis said.

The school’s community at Carter works at coming together and offering opportunities to all students to bridge the gap between high school and college coursework. Although the school is unlike a comprehensive school and its primary focus is academics, Carter faculty and staff make it a primary objective to create unique experiences that students will remember and make them experience high school as a right of passage that they have fond feelings for.

“I like that we include everyone at the campus. Not many schools do that. They just focus on a specific part of the group. I know my sister does not participate in many things, and they don’t include her in stuff. I like that our school is inclusive of everyone and that everyone feels welcome and free to be who they are,” Sophomore Class Vice-President Valeria Segovia said.

In its fourth year, the College Success Award program evaluates public schools based on data that show how well our school prepares students to succeed after graduation, including whether they enroll in college, are ready for college-level coursework, and persist into their second year.

“It’s good that the school continually pushes the idea of success. The point is that it is for our benefit and future. Jimmy Carter does a good job of reminding us what we need to do and to be ready for our future,” senior Oscar Vargas said.

Carter is set to continue its commitment to school with PRIDE: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence to ensure that all students are prepared for their success today and tomorrow.



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