People affected by quarantine and the pandemic have found themselves at home more often. This leads to them making unhealthy choices such as eating too much junk food and unhealthy food. This has led to an increase in obesity and weight gain during the pandemic, leading people’s health to deteriorate.

“I have personally have seen an increase in people eating junk food from being in quarantine. People are stuck indoors, so they begin eating more, causing them to gain weight,” Melissa said.

The lack of nutrient-rich food has led to increased health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. The problem needs to be addressed, and people need to learn that their food is important to their health and well being. 

“There are many risk factors for not eating healthy, such as high blood pressure and even causing you to be obese. Poor eating can also cause stress, tiredness, and even a risk of developing an illness later on in your life,” Melissa said.

Convenience, ease of access, or lack of food has also lead people to increase the amount of junk food they have consumed. During the pandemic, people’s nerves didn’t help the situation either, as many people found it easier to stay at home when they were eating. 

“Eating healthy is important since the nutrients in the foods help with the daily activities we do daily. Eating healthy can also lower the risk of certain diseases and conditions, and overall, not eating the proper foods can affect your mental health.”, Melissa said. 

“Everyone should decide to eat more healthy because eating healthy can provide positive outcomes for your body and overall makes you feel good, but I know it’s difficult to do that these days.”, Melissa said.

Although it might not seem important at the time, it is always important to eat healthily. If it’s not possible at the time, you should always eat responsibly and moderately and be mindful of the risks of eating unhealthy foods. Being mindful of the foods you eat will ultimately make you a better, healthier person physically and mentally.

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