Not much has changed since my last blog; I’m still in the same routine. I think I can even admit that my routine/habits have gotten worse. I go to sleep at 7:00 in the morning and wake up around 4:00 in the afternoon. This has changed my work ethic tremendously. As I wake up, I don’t truly get up, I lay in bed watching HULU, my streaming service of choice after watching everything, including Tiger King on Netflix. Man, I binge watch that documentary all in one night; after that first episode, I was hooked. I stay up binging a whole show, so when I wake up my mind is on that show asking myself: what happens next? I wake up and do the exact same thing again, and put my homework to the side for it to be done right before 11:59 PM or turn it in late. If my sleeping schedule doesn’t get fixed anytime soon, I’m just going to become worse at turning in my assignments. The reality is when I wake up, I only see the sun for 4 hours, so for me, when I see the sun go down, that has always been an indication for me to go to sleep, and because I’m not sleepy obviously. Instead, I lay in bed and watch more television.

 I would say that this quarantine has had its right and wrong, the good thing is that I have learned when to snack and when not to and what exactly to snack on. At the beginning I would go to the fridge every hour, now I only go when I’m truly hungry before I would just go because I was bored and had nothing else to do but eat. I live right next to a Dollar General store, literal walking distance, so I would go next door to buy whatever it was that I was craving, cookies, chips, rice Krispie treats, and what was once an advantage had then become a curse, when I began to realize that my binge eating was unhealthy (now I just need to recognize that so is binge-watching). Lucky that all got shut down when my parents became extremely strict about leaving the house, now they won’t even let us get anything next door if we ever want to buy something they are the ones to go next door and get it for us. 

On one of my parents’ grocery store trips, my parents asked me what I wanted from the store, and instead of saying the usual junk food, I asked for yogurt, strawberries, berries,  mango’s, and granola. Now when I do get hungry, I’ll ask myself the question: are you hungry or just bored? Most times, I’m just bored, but when I truly want to snack on something, I’ll eat that instead of the popcorn and candies in the pantry, yogurt with granola and fruit is definitely my new go-to. Now that that habit is fixed, I just need to figure out how to go to sleep and wake up at an appropriate hour.

Leann Lopez is a 16 year old Junior enrolled in Jimmy Carter Early College High School. Leann is the daughter of Ruby and Jacinto Lopez. She has three siblings, one older sister Kristian, a younger sister Marla, and a little brother Jacinto. Leann takes an agriculture class her first period at Palmview High School, which she is the current Palmview FFA Vice President for the year. She has served as an officer for the past 3 years since her freshman year as Reporter, and her sophomore year as chapter President. Leann as well was recently newly appointed as the Citrus Valley District FFA Secretary and chapter Vice-President. She competes in various competitions throughout the year with FFA and show pigs, this year she plans to take on a new challenge and will be showing a heifer for the first time. Leann's goal for the year is to prosper this junior year by getting good grades in her classes and doing any means necessary to achieve her goal. Such as studying, taken extra credit, turning in assignments on time, and going to tutoring if needed.