Lyrics by: Joel Lopez

All rights reserved.

Joel finds inspiration during this Pandemic event to work on his creative pursuits.

You numb the pain
I want you to know that I’m not the same
You changed me, in a good way
Let me know that you want me to stay
Because I’m happy with you
And I hope you’re happy too
I want to grow old with you
And never be feeling blue
I still remember all the good times we had together, just me and you, always down for whatever.
You know me the way no one else does, god that’s cool, c’mon let’s not make a fuss
You’re greater than great, You’re better than best, baby girl I believe you can do anything, unlike the rest, let’s go on more dates, let’s enjoy what we have, because from what I’ve seen the spark never lasts
All I need is you
All I want is you
I will always be here for you
Because I know, you’re here for me too
And all I need is

You understand the way I feel by just staring at me
You understand the pain I feel by just thinking of me
You see all the tears I shed, It’s like I’m filling up the sea
I have all that negativity, but when I see you I’m filled with glee
All the pain is gone and now, I’m a new me
I can tell how happy you are to see me full of energy and relieved
Stress-free and full of positivity

You made me like that, that’s a fact
So give yourself some credit for the way that I act
I defend, but when you’re at your lowest, I’ll attack, yea, there’s no doubt about that
I need you to know that you’re my world
I need you to know that you’re my girl
You’re that somebody I talk about whenever I say, all I need is

I understand that you’ve been through some tough times
I understand that you’ve been through a lot
I understand that you need some time to heal
But guess what, you got me now and I’ll seal the pain you feel
I can be the hero that you need to succeed
I can be the one that you need to proceed
We were two souls that became one, now it’s all good so let’s go and have some fun
You’re the girl of my dreams, me and you make a team
Let’s not worry about our dreams staying dreams
Because from what’s been happening, they’ve all been coming, true it seems
Me and you together, that’s a dream come true
Keeping you happy, that’s a dream come true
You loving me, that’s a dream come true
You in my life, is the best dream come true


•Dual Enrollment Teacher
•Adjunct Instructor UTRGV/STC
•Journalism Advisor
•RGN Advisor
•UIL Coordinator
•UIL Journalism Coach