After finally finishing the first six movies of the Star Wars franchise, I now open almost every conversation with Ewan McGregor’s iconic “Hello there” line. We are going into month two of not being in school, and I can honestly say: “Well, that went by fast.” I swear the last time I checked my calendar, it was still March 28th. It wasn’t until last night where the words “May 1st, 2020” at the top of my lock screen were put in bold for me to notice. On the bittersweet bright side, this just means that STC classes are almost finally put to a close though I do miss Mr. Garza continually reminding us to “Drink Sprite, not Dr. Pepper” every Friday after leaving his class.

As April came to a close, I was reminded of the newer things I learned to do– like starting to drive. Call me Mrs. Lightning McQueen for my thunderous dashing NASCAR speed records. My top speed, you ask? A whopping 37 mph rate. I know I know– a real Danica Patrick accomplishment. All jokes aside, I’ve genuinely always been scared of driving. I knew for a fact I would probably get distracted by the smallest things–like a bird– and not pay attention to the road. I don’t know all these car terminologies like “First Gear” or the difference between “Automatic” and “Manual,” and I still don’t hesitate to call the gas pedal, the “go pedal.” I’m still trying to manage and take on the reverse setting, but for right now, it’s my lightning 37 mph speed, and I am taking on the small roads. I can, however, flex a little bit on my pro turning skills.

YouTube hasn’t stopped its job of recommending the most random videos at the weirdest times. Actually, amidst the quarantine, YouTube’s recommendation list is the broadest it’s ever been. I watched just one Star Wars lightsaber duel, and now my Home Page is just flooded with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker– not that I am complaining (because you know, Star Wars). Additionally, YouTube recommended one single scene from Spider-Man 2, which I played out of boredom, and now adding to the Jedis that are currently on my Home Page, there’s Tobey Maguire as well. If that’s not the weirdest sentence I’ve ever typed, I don’t know what is.

I still wonder if there’s going to be any changes in the next coming months. I’ve practically been switching off to random Spider-Man 2 scenes and the AP Youtube Channel for AP Physics videos. Honestly, I feel slightly more confident about the AP Physics 1 Test than I did the first semester, but I do have to hustle up if I want to do well. Seeing the scary free-response questions makes my mind go blank and I forget even the most basic physics concepts. I’m trying my best to see the exam as another regular practice, and thanks to Mr. Greg Jacobs from AP YouTube, I hope I’ll reach at least that passing score.

Marissa Llamas is currently a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. She is in extracurricular activities such as UIL, The National Honor Society and the Texas Association of Future Educators. She has been doing UIL Academics ever since her freshman year and is currently in Mathematics and Number Sense. When she first joined UIL Math, she was shocked to see how she was the only freshman on the team. Last year as a sophomore, she went to the TMSCA competition for UIL Math in San Antonio. This year she was promoted as captain for her UIL Math Team. Her academic goals include to pass all her classes, to hopefully receive internships during the summer, and she plans to lead her Math team straight to regionals in San Antonio. She values how with a little determination, a touch of drive, and with true diligence anything is possible. 

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