Burning areas in Washington state are increasing because of intense climate change. 

   The wildfires that spread worldwide are causing air pollution to the people and increasing health risks. 

   “This air quality has caused several problems for us and others because of the air we inhale every day. There is no clean air around, so coughs and shortness of breath resolves in  headaches.” Says a family living in Sunnyside, Washington. 

  This air pollution has worsened and will continue to damage people unless wildfires are prevented. The people living around those areas are doing what they can to stop the fierce fires. People were evacuated while their homes were being destroyed. 

   “The wildfires spreading have now affected us uncontrollably. It has burned about 713,000 acres of land. More than 180 homes have been burned, and one death has occurred.” Says a resident in Washington state. 

  Although several people have had damages done, the fires and smoke around the air continue to spread. To stop this from continuing, people are avoiding open fires and are focusing on reducing gas as well—anything to stop the growth of wildfires in the city.

   Wildfires have destroyed people and homes. Stopping the growth of fires can help reduce air pollution to prevent health risks to the people. 

My name is Melidy Aide Matamoros. I was born and raised in Mission Tx. I am 17 years old and I am in 11th grade. I attend Jimmy Carter Early College High school, and my career choice is Psychology.