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Red Ribbon Week Set to Kick Off Next Week

Next week, October 25- October 29, Jimmy Carter will be participating in Red Ribbon Week.

To honor the death of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, different schools and communities across the United States wore red ribbons to raise awareness to the dangers that can come from drug usage. Red Ribbon Week serves as a reminder of how drugs can destroy relationships and communities. It also serves as a tool for school aged children to encourage drug prevention.

Sophomore student Onyx (Mia) Mendoza said that “I think students or everybody should be aware of the dangers that drugs can have. I think its important but we should have more information based teaching about it.”

Monday 25. 2021: Students are encouraged to wear full red outfits in order to be ‘Red-y to be Drug Free’.

Tuesday 26, 2021: ‘Follow Your Dreams, Not Drugs’, as a way to save time in the morning, students can show up to school wearing a pair of their favorite pajamas.

Wednesday 27, 2021: Members of the community can be ‘Drug Free Like Me’, they can wear their fanciest outfit. One they would wear if they were on the Red Carpet.

Thursday 28, 2021: ‘Drugs Can’t See me and I Can’t See Them’, Students can wear camouflage or their favorite pair of sunglasses.

Friday 29, 2021: As a way to both celebrate Halloween and Red Ribbon Week, students and faculty are encouraged to dress as their favorite movie or book character.

Students at Jimmy participate in a door decorating contest.

Kevin Martinez, a student who was working hard on his class’ door, says, “The most exciting thing about this is just getting to let your imagination run wild with this contest.”
The contest is a door decorating one. Students and teachers decorate their 1st-period class’ door until the deadline, which was on Friday, October 22, but was extended to Tuesday due to students claiming they needed more time to decorate.
Martinez says, “I think this door contest was a good idea, but it would’ve been better if we were given more notice than one week.”
This contest has had everyone putting their maximum efforts to win and has everyone showing off their fall spirit. All around the school, you can see students working hard in their hallway. One of the students who was working on the junior hallway,
Junior student Sebastian Marceliano says, “I think this contest is an excellent way to help students de-stress and helps us reinforce our teamwork skills.”

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