Some things that have changed during these quarantine days is basically everything. The atmosphere around me, the community I live in, and much more. The way in which it has changed is mostly the seriousness of how the virus is truly becoming. Before the virus hit the valley, not many people took it seriously and thought they were safe from it, but now the Corona Virus has hit our home town.

People are coming to the realization that the virus is a very serious topic and should not be taken as a joke. Not much has stayed the same during these hectic times. What stirs up my feelings is that the virus is not choosing favorites; literally, any person can get contaminated with the coronavirus, and the thought of a friend or a loved one catching the virus is very depressing and scary. Some repeated messages that keep I keep hearing is that people need to become more hygienic and clean. I also keep hearing about how the virus is growing within our nation and the world and how bad it is quickly coming.

I also keep hearing about how people are not smart enough to buy medications to help their immune system but are dumb enough to take all the toilet paper. What I need to adapt to and change for my own skills is that I need to be more aware of logging into my google classroom and blackboard so that I am able to know what homework is needed to be done. What I am doing now that I didn’t do before is being able to get a significant amount asleep, and I am now able to wake up later than usual. My current emotional needs are that I need to be less stressed and anxious about the whole transition to doing school online.

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