La Joya ISD is reopening its schools again starting October 5. School reopening means students will be able to go back to school. A decision to reopen school buildings will come with restrictions and limits on the number of individuals in the classrooms.

“ We’re starting phase one,” LJISD Public Relations Director Blanca E. Cantu said. “ Mainly for kids who don’t have an internet connection and also SAT testing.”

“As long as she’s taking precaution,” a Carter parent said. “If I see she’s stressed, I would want her to go to school.”

Valeria Lucio said that she feels unsure about whether she wants to go back or not.

“ I would only go back to school when I feel it’s necessary,” Lucio said.

The Lucio family should Valeria return to school. They will not be visiting with other family members.

“If she goes back, she won’t be seeing her grandparents,” Lucio said.

“ If I go, I won’t be visiting my grandparents since I am risking them,” Valeria said.

If Lucio does go back to school, she will select the days she will go. “ I would only go to school when I feel it’s necessary,” Lucio said.

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