Biology DE students carry out their first lab experiment of the semester. Students investigate the pill bugs’ affinity to varied surroundings.
“My first lab experiment was intriguing; the only thing that grossed me out was the pill bugs because I’m not a huge fan of bugs,” junior Alexandra Contreras said. But overall, it was very exciting to witness the pill bugs’ behavior and influence on their activities.”
Students said they were pumped to work on more lab experiments for the rest of the semester.

“I’m excited about the next lab experiments; they’re entertaining and engaging, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for future experiments,” junior Kelly Galvan said.
The students are excited about the lab investigations, and the Biology DE instructor shares her excitement as she witnesses her students perform the lab experiments.
“Because most of my students had never carried out an actual lab experiment before during their ninth and tenth-grade year,” Biology DE professor Ms. Charles said. “I enjoy seeing the excitement on my student’s faces while they conduct their lab experiments.”
Biology DE students are now anticipating what awaits them in the coming weeks of the first semester.

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