This week has drained me mentally. I procrastinated way more than what I used to. I didn’t attend any of my video classes with my teachers and had been turning in assignments at the last minute. I’ve been slacking off a lot, and I’m hoping I can get back on track next week. Although this week was terrible catching up on school work, it was great to spend time with my family. My sister had bought badminton a long time ago and decided it was great to start playing again to make this quarantine more entertaining. Now, we play it almost every single day and keep going at it for hours. The only bad part about playing badminton is that I end up sore the next day since I’m not used to doing exercise or moving around a lot now. I guess it’s good to be active and sore; it reminds me that I’m strengthening my body. Anyways, the other day I went to Walmart to buy board games so that we can all switch up our free time with an indoor activity. My brother sent me on a board game shopping haul and suggested we bring a game called Sequence since he’s played it before and thought it would be fun for us to play it all together. We all ended up liking the game a lot; it was intriguing and fun. It’s kind of like bingo but more interesting. I also bought the card game called Dos; it’s the second version of Uno. We were super confused in the beginning because they switched up a lot of rules from Uno, but it’s still really entertaining.

Not only that, but I bought a similar board game like “Cards Against Humanity,” which was a total fail because we stopped playing it after the first day I purchased it. It wasn’t as good as we believed it was. On another exciting note, my brother and sister-in-law chose me to plan their gender reveal. The gynecologist wrote down the gender in a little letter and enclosed it in an envelope, and I was the first person to know what the sex was. I ended up buying “congrats” balloons and a big black balloon that said, “he or she what will it be?” and filled it up with pink confetti because they’re having a baby girl! I’m so excited to see my beautiful baby niece. My brother was right from the beginning; he always had a feeling that his baby was a girl. Now that I know I have a niece, all I do is shop online for little outfits and things she might need. I do think I have an online shopping addiction I’ve bought so many unnecessary things for my niece, myself, and my room. I like online shopping because I get something to look forward to. Although this week has been an emotional rollercoaster, I can always count on Amazon and Shein to cheer me up. I know my shopping addiction is directly related and feeds into my procrastination, but that sounds like a problem for next week.

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