She was embarrassed, just waiting for me to arrive, she didn’t want me to see her house. It was shortly after seven in the morning before the UIL meet when I finally arrived, an inspired young lady, Evangelina Garza.
She welcomed me to her house where she sat on a torn, moldy mattress on the dirt floor. She was surprised that I was not shocked by her house, I didn’t give an ugly look when I saw her room and her sisters separated with only a curtain, nor did I say anything about the dirty floors and walls.

But when I saw her trophy case as the center of her house I smiled and winked at her.

Said Evangelina Garza.
Evangelina Garza Substituted Assistant Principal

Currently severing as a substitute assistant principal Evangelina Garza has made many want to be better individuals. She has taught her former students to value education and to take advantage of every opportunity given.

Mrs. Garza, Carter’s vice principal is a retired professional. Her long trajectory of success speak and say a lot of who she is today.
Mrs. Garza worked at East Academy where she was tough but fair. She worked at Juarez-Lincoln where she loved her students and taught many that humble beginnings can lead to a long meaningful life. Her work ethic at Cesar Chavez and Memorial middle school showcased the true meaning of being a professional educator. While at Cavazos Elementary Mrs. Garza, with her personal stories, hoped to inspire young students to dream big.

Growing up as she saw her parents work hard they constantly told her “Para que no trabajes como un burro,” that build her character and inspired her to get an education no matter the obstacles she has to face. To Mrs. Garza being Mexican-American doesn’t limit you to achieve your dreams.

“Our culture, those guys from Mexico, all of those immigrants that are crossing are super bright especially in math, so we have nothing to fear. We might have difficulty in speaking because we don’t practice the English language, but other than that “no nos ganan en nada.” Mrs. Garza said.

Although Mrs. Garza encourages any student she comes in contact with to follow their dreams and get an education she has a special bond with students from La Joya. She like many students from this district come from humble beginnings she is from the “Rancho” as she calls it, Sullivan City.

“I want you to achieve. I want you to get ahead.” Mrs. Garza said. “ If your mother works hard and your father works hard why shouldn’t you.”

By being strict she teaches students how to be responsible and to not waste time. Sometimes she may yell because “es que soy de rancho, acarriaba vacas y a las cabras”.
Macarena Hernandez a former student of Mrs. Garza is a perfect example of the impact Garza can have on students. Macarena is a journalist that focuses on Latino issues such as immigration and education. Macarena now teaches at Baylor University.

Many of the staff at Carter have come into contact with Garza during her accomplished stay with La Joya ISD. Mr. Arias, pre-Calculus teacher, is an example of someone who was her student and has come into success.

“Mrs. Garza taught me to be responsible and always to be prepared to do my best. She was strict but fair and a nice lady; she expected us to do our best. She was very approachable.

At Jimmy Carter Garza hopes to better the school’s culture to keep it as a distinguished school.

Garza’s passion to make a difference for her students is incredible. She puts her heart a soul into education to help students achieve their American Dream.