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It will be great for our school to have healthy vending machines to have more healthy snacks and not chips around our campus. One of the advantages of having vending machines is to provide quickly for students. The district has adopted and implemented the state, and federal policies and guidelines for food services, including the guidelines to restrict students access to vending machines.

Schools have more opportunity and responsibility to create a healthy campus.

Schools are more healthy with vending machines with products like apples, bananas, oranges, fruit salad, water, juice, and many more healthy things. Vending machines are often one part of this environment.

More Facts:

  • Students and teachers can learn how healthy a student can be, and can learn of what kind of healthy food there is in the world.

  • The Healthier Vending Policy is to support wellness for our students, employees, guests, and clients.

  • By providing healthier food for the students through vending, the district will support positive lifestyle for employees and students.

Student “ It will help us get snacks when we don’t like the food for lunch, and it will still give us the nutrients we need.”

Student ” it will be a great opportunity for our school because we can earn money and have field trips for every grade”.

How do vending machines help students?

The first fully automatic vending machine was build in 1867 it was located in Paris, France. It was build by English publisher and a bookshop owner that made a newspaper machine, and then they got the idea to build a vending machine. Vending machines is a part of out lives. It helps us get snacks and drinks, and it also helps us get a snack when we don’t have enough money to buy food from a store. Having a vending machine opens the path to a great opportunity.

Jimmy Carter student, class of 2020.