A lot has changed since the “Corona Virus” came to the valley. Schools were to be happening online instead of on campus.

There’s now a curfew in place, so one will be out and about spreading their illness.

Also, allegedly we are supposed to be in lockdown, but it’s the Valley “ain’t no one gonna listen.”

The only thing the same is the color of the sky and the sun. But “No, for reals, there isn’t much that has stayed the same.”

I mean, we can’t even go the stores as much anymore, most stores are closed, people are losing jobs to this virus. Honestly, I don’t like the dine-in restaurant part. I like eating in the dine-in area sometimes.

All you hear now is “corona” this “corona that” like yea I get it, it’s here. It’s not to sound rude, but it’s getting annoying with the number of times people have said “stay home and away from social gatherings”.

I know it’s for the better, but it’s getting super annoying.

I’m staying up till 6 in the morning than taking a nap for 3 hours and stay up for the rest of the day. It sounds unhealthy, but it’s pretty boring, so why not do it.

For once, I’m doing my work for school because I’m just trying to graduate. I don’t feel like changing anything else; I mean so much has changed; I feel like change is boring already. I ain’t got no emotional needs.

They sound wack.

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