When I heard that the president said that he wanted to re-open some business starting in the last week of April or the first two weeks of May, I was shocked. I was asking myself, why are they already going to open some business if their people are getting more sick or still sick. How are they going to do it if they’re going to reopen restaurants and people have to be six feet apart from each other? As I see it i’m still not going to go out because i’m scared to get infected encase i decide to go out and eat in a restaurant. I’m afraid to go out even though they are already going to reopen a lot of businesses. I’m also not going to go and visit my family members because I’m scared to get the virus. I’m going to go out until they open all businesses, and it’s safe for people to go out and to gather more than ten people. I hope that all people can follow health guidelines so the COVID-19 pandemic can go away, and people can safely enjoy going out again.

Hello, my name is Carlos Flores and I'm 17 years old. My fascinated hobby is dancing like a jewellets, silver star and ruby not dancing Folklorico. My other hobby is to be planting plants and water them so they don't die. Whenever I eat I like putting the hot sauce to every food I make or my mom makes me. I considered myself as a crazy acquired friend and student with whoever I hangout. I like to hear any kind of music with the exception of country music I’m not a fan of that kind of music. When it comes to watching movies I like to watch any kind of movie. My favorite food is tortillas with egg, beans, enchiladas with rice. I’m the kind of person that doesn't;t like to go out that much with my family only when it’s for parties I go out. The subjects that I like a lot are math and science. I’m the type of person that always loves to be dancing whenever I can. My strongest fear is to randomly find a spider or snakes anywhere at any time. The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me is going to a store and confusing a customer with a worker from the store. The schools that I have attended are Elodia r Chapa Elementry School, Ann Richards Middle School. The school that I now officially attend is Jimmy Carter Early College High School. I’m the kind of person that is really special with what he is going to eat. I love coming to school every day because you get to learn new things from every different teacher. I have three dogs that are the funniest and most adorable pets I have had in my life.  

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