Jimmy Carter Early College High School seniors talk about their struggles in taking college classes. They talk about their motivation, and how they can improve on negative perceptions; to finish their associate’s degree.

        High School students look at College as an essential way. Each of these students has a type of sentiment towards taking a big step that will change their future.

        Anahi Polanco, a senior, said, “having college classes are challenging” She fears of being unsuccessful, but what motivates her to keep going is her family and friends.

        The various students involved around the ECHS programs realize the obstacles they have to overcome, throughout time.

        Jasmine Alcala, a senior, said, ” The worst fear of having college classes is not to pass them. When I’m taking college classes, I don’t have time to spend with my family because I’m just stuck in your room doing homework. The only reason why I keep on going is that I want to make my family proud.”

     Entering an early college high school can be beneficial for many students, but for some, it ends up being overwhelming.

     Brittney Garza a member of student government at JCECHS said “ I’m currently taking four  college classes, overall I feel like I’m taking advantage of the college classes offered in JCECHS, one of the things that motivate me about continuing is the fact that I won’t have to worry about finishing my associates later on”

     However, not taking college classes in high school might get students to miss out on free college classes and free textbooks.

     Maritza Garcia, a senior, said “ By next semester I should be finishing my associate’s degree, not going to lie it is challenging but if you put your time and effort in, it will make a difference” She tends not to worry or stress because she knows she is going to be successful.

   College classes offered to students at an early age is beneficial for them. They have the possibility of graduating with their associate’s degree.

      Anahi Polanco, a senior, said, “You got this,” Maritza Garcia senior said, “Don’t give up” Brittney Garza, a member of the student government at JCECHS, said, “ everything takes time, but all that time will be gifted back.”

      Few of the students who attend ECHS look forward to college classes. Which allows them to be one step ahead. The emotions of students involved in ECHS is what sets students to accomplish a greater Future.

Yuliana Robles a current senior in JCECHS, part of the class of 2020. Hopes to graduate with part of her associates in her high school year. Her major is social work, wants to pursue a career that helps her make a change in the world. She always sets goals that are suitable for her. One of her goals is to become a personal trainer. In her free time, she always uses it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the things she has always believed in is, health always comes first. She is not the best writer, but she has the idea of being a great one. In her writing, she always makes sure to write about other people's feelings. She is simply the type of person who likes to put herself in other people's shoes and discuss their emotions. Hence, the reason as to why she wants to become a social worker. She wants to ensure that every single person feels safe in their residence an environment. The quote she will forever stand for is  Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”(Mahatma Gandhi) Ms. Robles has always been her quiet self, but when it's the moment to defend her beliefs, she goes out of her way for other people to understand her views. Furthermore, since she was 15, she has always gone with her family to work in the fields. At this point, she believes that everyone should realize that working in the fields is an honorable job.