The new year brings about new Going Green Initiative. Red Gold News students enacted an initiative to take on the growing problem of paper consumption and waste by collecting used and discarded paper, newspaper, and cardboard to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

To successfully make the recycling program work efficiently. The founders of the program Leslie Perez and Alberto Lopez had to contact many recycling centers and find one that was willing to partner up with the school. They were able to partner up with a company named EDH international based in McAllen.

The recycling program started this 2018-2019 school year. While the recycling program does not incur any direct costs to the school its success will hinge on the contribution of faculty and students. School members are encouraged to collect recyclable materials in bins and leave them outside their classrooms when ready to be harvested. Members of the school’s journalism club will collect items weekly.

Not only does the program benefit the environment, but it also provides an opportunity for the organization to raise funds. The money that is to be made from the materials that are being recycled will benefit the journalism class/club.

According to Felomina Bangsalud, the recycling program will help students become more responsible for their surroundings.

“It’s a great initiative in helping JCEHS students become responsible and increase their awareness in taking care of the environment,” said Bangsalud.

A minimum of ten students are involved in the recycling program. With this quantity of students, we can do certain things, which allows us to get work done.

The recycling program welcomes anyone who is willing to help out, to help out. Lending a hand can make a significant difference.

“I think it’s a great idea that the recycling program is being held.” stated Brenda Galvan, “…because a lot of people throw away trash without thinking twice if it’s recyclable. If students had background knowledge that paper or any raw material is recyclable, they would eventually make an effort to recycle and keep our surroundings pollution-free.”

Students that are involved in the recycling program know for a fact that recycling brings a positive impact on our campus.

Trash generates pollution in our community, which is why we encourage students at Carter to recycle.

“It’s a really good way to save the environment,” said Gabriela Ramirez, “it’s also helping students to learn essential adult  skills that will turn them into amazing adults.”

If more students decide to join and inform the community about how important recycling is to our community other campuses will eventually start a recycling program of their own.