The staff is responsible for the safety of our students, regarding the way they dress.

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La Joya ISD has many different rules in there students code of conduct. Many of these specific rules are designed to keep our students safe and out of harm’s way. One of those many rules is about the student dress code. La Joya ISD has many dress code rules that students must follow every single day. Lately here at Jimmy Carter Early College many students have disobeyed to follow the dress code rules. Now teachers are getting after students daily. Two in fourteen students get stopped by a teacher each day, for they are dressing inappropriately. Even though few students are getting stopped each day, doesn’t mean some students are breaking the dress code each day.

Some teachers have been slacking off by trying to enforce the dress code rules. During my investigation, I have noticed that many teachers are just letting students with their belly button showing just pass the hallways. Teachers at La Joya ISD need to start enforcing the dress code rules on students more. In the La Joya ISD Student Code of Conduct and Handbook, it says that all students must have neat and clean manner, and some students are walking around with hair in their face with ripped jeans showing skin.

The La Joya ISD dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, to prevent safety hazards. Students shall be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat, so they will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others. Hair shall be clean and neatly combed. The style and color must not be extreme to the point of creating a distraction towards others. Hair must be kept brushed out the eyes and face. If the principal thinks that a student’s grooming and clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be giving an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not fixed, the students may be assigned to school suspension for the rest of the school day, until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or brings a new set of clothes to the campus. If the student keeps breaking these rules, more attention will be drawn to the problem.




I am Briana Martinez and I am a freshman at JCECHS. On my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, and I enjoy reading. I love interacting with others. I am a writer for the Red Gold News paper.