Everything has been the same and repetitive. There isn’t anything interesting to jot down this week, but I did get to fix up my schedule, though. I sleep at 10 pm and then wake up somewhere at 7 in the morning.

I’ve completed all my anatomy assignments and quizzes after consistent studying back and forth between the chapters. Now, I just need to complete other tasks from other classes. Other than that, I’ve mostly been on Youtube, Instagram, looking at memes, and browsing through anything interesting or funny videos. I’ve also been in touch with my close friends through facetime and just continually talking about how bored we are. I’ve also decided to rewatch The Office series for the 6th time because it never fails to make me chuckle at the same jokes. I’ve also got into painting and was able to sell my first canvas! Although I never really wanted to sell my art since I just consider it as a simple hobby, it was nice knowing that someone enjoyed the piece. I ordered some watercolor paints online since it’ll be my first time trying them out, and I’ve always loved watercolor art. I’ve also been lifting weights and gaining back muscle. I’ve been looking forward to trying out for the La Joya drill team, but I’m not sure when the tryouts will be so, I’ll need to keep a lookout for any updates.

Qdditionally, I haven’t gotten ready at all week, I usually was always looking forward to straightening my hair and putting on makeup for fun, but now I have been digging that natural look. I’ve gotten used to my curly/wavy hair, and I’ve learned how to style it. I’ve never liked having curly hair since it’s either frizzy or I end up using so many products just to keep its volume and definition. I’ve also been taking care of my skin, and it’s more healthy, which is excellent. I’ve been helping my mom around the house and spending more time with her. Everyone had their little routine before quarantine, and now we are keeping in touch with one another. We spend nights playing  Jenga, and I’ve concluded that she’s more competitive than I thought.Moreover, I’ve also baked blueberry muffins from scratch, and they came out better than I thought. Though the coronavirus is progressively getting worse, and there are more cases around the area. Yesterday, I was watching the local news and heard that Laredo, Texas, had received 30+ instances of the coronavirus. The reporter had claimed that people aren’t getting tested, which is a problem around the area, and they were trying to spread awareness about the issue. However, one of the drawbacks that I’ve seen is that people, especially people that I know, are continuing to leave their homes and drive around like it’s nothing. It’s probably one of the reasons why people are prone to get infected. All in all, I hope that everyone is staying inside and hopefully finding ways to get distracted and also staying safe.

She is 16 years old, and currently is a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. Her long term goal is to become a veterinarian and earn her PhD in Veterinary Science.  She enjoys drawing, and playing video games in her free time.

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