During the coronavirus pandemic, most kids lives changed for the worse as daily activities and events were canceled. The lack of mobility and uncertainty of what the virus could do led to people staying indoors for more extended periods than usual. Now more than ever were supposed to take the lead and take care of our bodies and stay healthy. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world went into a state of lockdown. During this period of quarantine, people started to feel the effects of staying inside of a home with a lack of physical activity. For instance, The New York Post said, “55%  of men and 34% percent of women reported weight gain in quarantine”. 

As we know, life is not entirely familiar many people can’t yet see each other for fear of getting the coronavirus and lack social interactions that they had before. This and much more have influenced people’s behavior negatively. For example, an article by Medicalxpress said, “one in three adults are experiencing worsening levels of stress, loneliness, and anger during the pandemic.” 

These health issues are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the adverse effects that the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon the world. The rising suicide rate and the rise of drug use have all been the result of the epidemic. The San Antonio Express-News said, “The number of suspected overdose reports rose by almost 17.6 percent between the weeks before, and after stay-at-home state orders were imposed, the data shows”.

Instances of medication and medication being prescribed have also been on the rise since the Pandemic took hold. For example, Maria Bravo, a pharmacy worker, stated, “There has been an increase of people coming into pharmacies around the valley.” These can be assumed to correlate with the health issues relating to quarantine and being socially distant around family members and friends.

People’s health has been a real shock to medical workers as they see a rise in health problems and drug overdoses. Subsequently, Maria Bravo said, “The increase of drug overdoses since Covid has been something most people haven’t noticed. Since March drug use and overdoses have been steadily increasing around the country. In my field of work, there are patients that abuse medical drugs such as Xanax and Oxycodone, which has seen a spike in abuse in teenagers”. These problems all correlate with the recent coronavirus pandemic and all the health problems it has risen with it. 

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