Boxing is a contact sport where you get points by hitting an opponent. Keyla Pruneda, 14 years old, ranked number one in the nation, is going to defend her title at the 2020 Boxing National Championship at Louisiana. With her recent loss against Jesselyn Silva, Keyla is looking forward to her rematch.

“I am waiting for the rematch; I am going to try my best. I have already changed my boxing technics, and last year I had personal problems; this year, nothing will stop me from winning and retaking my title to maintain me as the rank number one,” Pruneda said.

Practicing from Monday through Friday at 7 pm, getting ready for her tournament starts December 5 to December 12. Starting at the age of 8 and accomplishing, so much her parents are proud of her.

“A lot of people ask us why we are always with her, but we like to show our proudness by standing with her in her wins and her loss,” Nancy said Kayla’s mom.

Discipline is to obey rules. Juan Cardenas, coach of Cardenas Boxing Gym, said that Keyla, best known as “La Patrona,” needs the discipline to go far.

“She is a great fighter, but she needs the discipline to get far, to go pro,” Cardenas said. “When Keyla won, she was as an amateur, the second nations, she fought a lefty, now she is fighting with a heavier fighter. She needed to bump her weight from 95 to 101 pounds.”

La Patrona says that she does not fells confident nor worry.

“I am not worry, but I do need to hit harder,”Keyla said.

“ Go and support our team at the 2020 Nationals tournament at Louisiana from December 5 to 12,” Cardenas said.

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