Custodians not only clean areas, but they help keep the place safe for everyone. Many people may think that all they do is mop floors all the time, but Sanchez, a well-known custodian, shares his job experience in-depth, what custodians deal with on a daily basis and his thoughts about the Carter students.

What people don’t notice at first are the clean and polished floors on school grounds, no trash found anywhere,and being able to drink fresh water in water fountains. But, what if all of that never existed, would the school environment be all filthy? Jimmy Carter is a blue ribbon school, and it’s not just the awards that portray their success. The cleanliness that the custodial staff contributes to the school everyday is a major factor that plays a big part in their name– and it often goes unappreciated.

Sanchez has worked at Jimmy Carter for seven years and knows his way around the campus like the back of the hand. He is content with the environment, staff, and students at Carter, and believes that all students will succeed with the vast opportunities that this school gives.

Although Sanchez confronts and sees students discard trash on the floor or food wrappers in classes, which is a daily issue, he nonetheless loves maintaining school grounds neat and clean as his favorite part of his job.

However, Sanchez looked on the brighter side and said, “As long as I help out the school environment with a clean area as much as I can, and assist my family with their needs, I’ll be more than happy with that.”

Sanchez hasn’t been in tough situations; only times when the lights go out, or the air ducts stop working, however, he’ll quickly fix it and go on about his day. He believes that all students have great respectful attitudes, and just knowing that the majority of students give them a warm welcome or a simple hello makes his day.

“These students have been the most respectful, kind and helpful from any other school that I once worked with, and I hope that all of them will succeed with the number of opportunities that they have at Jimmy Carter. Also, being able to see all these students grow up since freshman and on, has made me feel proud and amazed by all the hard work that they do,” he said.

Students may be stressed about school work and ignore their surroundings at the campus, so they don’t see the amount of hard work these custodians go through daily. However, by merely picking up a candy wrapper, it will help them out more than you think.




She is 16 years old, and currently is a junior at Jimmy Carter Early College High School. Her long term goal is to become a veterinarian and earn her PhD in Veterinary Science.  She enjoys drawing, and playing video games in her free time.

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