Students and individuals affected by the coronavirus pandemic have found themselves in a precarious situation where they have easy access and a greater amount of downtime, which causes them to use their phones more, especially at night.

“I have definitely seen an increase in sleep-deprived illnesses during this pandemic. It has also affected me by not allowing me to get a proper sleep since I’m constantly thinking about my patients if they are going to survive for the night.”, Melissa said. For this reason, people have been unintentionally harming themselves consistently as they use their devices, especially at night more than normal.

“Using your phone before bedtime has copious amounts of consequences such as it can interfere with the amount of time you sleep, causing many of us to become sleep deprived and can even cause damage to your eyes.”, Melissa said. People have learned that picking up a cell phone is the norm and has become accustomed to having it with them at all times. Using a phone at night, for example, can have countless negative effects on the human body.

“I usually sleep at around 2 because I use my phone or play Xbox with my friends.”, Robert said. Robert, a normal teenager, has acquired a negative attraction to sleeping late and using his device for an extended time. The habit of sleeping late for a good time can seem fun until the negative effects of sleeping late kick in.

I use my phone often, about 7 times per day, but I think I usually use it more towards the night since I’m bored around then.”, Livan said. This habit of using the phone at night can have many negative effects on the human brain, such as a dwindling mental state and mental health.

“There are many factors on why people are sleeping later, but the main factor is due to the stress going on whether it’s about working, school work, and even more twitch the pandemic going on.”, Melissa said. For whatever reason, sleeping later has negative effects and can cause serious issues later on in life, especially when the person staying up late at night continuously is a teenager.

“It can be extremely dangerous to go sleep deprived for so long because it can affect your mental abilities and even your mental state, and it’s very important to have a healthy state of mind, especially in the teenage years.”, Melissa said. These effects are only a minuscule of problems that can arise from being sleep deprived. Issues relating to family, work, school, and even your state of depending on you sleeping properly and putting the devices down for the night.

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