Submitted by: Brittney Garza

The Bird of Life

The piece I chose for the art gallery review is the one with a bird. It was done with leaves, rocks, sticks and color paper. It’s very colorful and includes warm and cool colors.

At the far left, there is rocks and wood stick, it’s clear that it represents the sun. on the bottom of the portrait, there’s a bunch of pieces of color paper role up and pasted as a branch. That is the branch where the bird is sitting on. The bird was created with several pieces of leaves, making the wings. This portrait is realistic artwork because we can see birds standing on trees. Which also makes representational art, for it seeks to resemble the world of natural appearance. This art is fine art, for its created with natural resources. I would name this piece of art “The Bird of Life” because birds represent freedom, and we need the freedom to be able to have a beautiful life.


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