Q: Have you applied or received any scholarships?

A: Yes, I have applied for Quest Bridge

Q: What is the scholarship about?

A: It is a program which helps high achieving students with low income. The point of the scholarship is to give the opportunity towards Ivy League schools.

Q: Have you ever spoken to someone about scholarships?

A: Yes, I spoke to Mr. Benito Bernal, the senior English professor who always has information for the seniors as well as motivate us to apply.

Q: What is a scholarship for?

A: A scholarship is to give high achieving students the opportunity who otherwise do not have the chance to apply to these school.

Q: Do you plan to apply for any more scholarships?

A: I do plan to apply for many more scholarships

Q: What do you plan to do with the scholarship money

A: I plan on using the money to buy college textbooks, class tuition, dorm and necessities

Q: Do you have any advice for anybody who is trying to achieve a scholarship?

A: Start researching since your junior year and begin as soon as you can. Even if one may not be given, keep applying for others.

Q: Did you ever believe that you would earn a scholarship?

A: I was surprised to be a Quest Bridge finalist because only a couple thousand are chosen out of the seventeen thousand that applied.

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