Joe Biden was announced to be the 46th president of the United States. Still, Donald Trump refused to lose the 2020 presidential elections claiming that the election was rigged by voting fraud and illegal ballots. Current students have been through about five to six presidential elections and have never heard about an unfair election and unlawful acts with voting ballots. 

When a new president is elected to office, there’s a shift of ideas and preferences, especially when the newly elected president is the opposite political party from the current president. Since Biden won this presidential the transition of power will be from republican to democratic. 

“There has been no physical change yet, but spiritually wise, so many people are standing up, and we are all looking forward to seeing the nation being run by the people and not a cult,” Esmeralda Loera said. “We can also see many global leaders ease and start to understand that now is the time to work to be a better world,” Jared Valdez said.

Comparing the 2020 presidential electrician to the past election, this is the most important and crucial election. Not only it’s up to the people to choose who will represent the United States and lead the country but which candidate will help the country’s economy, social issues and handle the pandemic. 

“This presidential election is the most crucial because we are at a time where so many people’s lives are in danger because there’s no leadership or order from Donald Trump,” Kimberly Suchil said. “Because of that, there’s been so much chaos that leads up to this horrible year filled with problems that have caused so many innocent people to die.”

My name is Luis Aguilar currently a junior, I plan to graduate with an associate degree in education and plan to attend Belmont University to obtain my bachelor’s in Music Education. I'm the president of my Texas Association of Future Educators in my school chapter and for region one in addition to working on getting a state officer position in March. I’m also a National Honor Society member, and a musician. I currently work at my local H-E-B as a Customer Service Assistant. In my free time, I like to sit down and remix music, compose original music, and love to hear country music.