Submitted by: Miranda Vasquez

The Universe Inside

This year, the art teacher, Mrs. Valle, held the first Art Appreciation Gallery Walk, where the work of her students is proudly displayed on the walls. Many of the projects were made using eggshells and/or regular paper. However, the most eye catching pieces were made using aluminum foil and tempera paint mixed with glue.     

The one I found to be most interesting was one that had a red upper torso, really just the shoulders, and the head severed from the neck; spurting out of the neck stub are celestial bodies, blue, green, and/or yellow in color. One of the planets looks very similar to Earth. There are ten black stars interspersed within the larger objects. I found this piece to be fascinating because I have an interest in space and astronomy, though it’s more based in aesthetics than the actual science and numbers. With the element of the aluminum foil, the lines drawn by the tempera-glue mixture look sharper as opposed to if it were done on a sheet of paper.

Overall, I am grateful for the Gallery Walk, as it lets us have a deeper look into what our peers enjoy and think about. There are many interesting pieces to be observed.

Since none of the projects were titled, I decided to name my chosen art piece “The Universe Inside.” It’s very literal and everything else I could think of didn’t quite fit.



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