With Covid-19 happening at the moment, a lot of my plans for the upcoming months have drastically changed. One of those plans I was looking forward to and was excited to embark on the process is running to become an FFA Area officer. For a moment, I was scared of a postponement until all of the quarantine was over. But thankfully, with all the technology that we have today, for the first time in history, everything will be conducted online.

On August 18, my plan was to begin phase 1 of running for Area Officer. At the moment, I currently serve as the Secretary for Citrus Valley District, and I hope to soon become and serve as an Area officer. The officer positions are given to 7 officers, one from each district, and there are multiple members running from each district. I hope that I get the chance to represent my district as their area officer.

Phase 1 will all be done all electronically, and it was only postponed by a week to August the 25th. I have been slowing but surely getting my essay together, and I have turned it in already. We will be starting everything Saturday on the 25th, and I am extremely nervous, as everything will be virtual, I will be given time slots for everything due that day. I need to write an essay for 90 minutes, at 8:00 in the morning, take a test on the organization at around 10:00 am and then do my interview around 12:00 in the afternoon.

 I hope to make it to phase 2; there, I will have another interview, will turn in my resume, and perform a speech. That will be between the top two officers from each district, and after they pick the officer that will be an Area officer, there is also a speech that is needed to be given in order for positions to be placed. Although if I were to become an officer, I wouldn’t mind the position I was to get. I truly just want to be part of the team, and motivate members and with the platform that I do have. It has been a goal of mine to achieve ever since I attended my first ever Area leadership camp, and those officers impacted my life to become a leader. I want to do the same and pay it forward and form the next generation of leaders for the organization. 

I can’t really tell if me being at home is benefiting me or not; I think it’s just making the process more stressful. I think the fact that I am home makes me want to keep things on to the side because I think I have time because of the fact that I am home. I need to study, brush up on info, and practice for my interview. I am ready to grow from the experience whatever the outcome; maybe it’s all a learning experience. 

Leann Lopez is a 16 year old Junior enrolled in Jimmy Carter Early College High School. Leann is the daughter of Ruby and Jacinto Lopez. She has three siblings, one older sister Kristian, a younger sister Marla, and a little brother Jacinto. Leann takes an agriculture class her first period at Palmview High School, which she is the current Palmview FFA Vice President for the year. She has served as an officer for the past 3 years since her freshman year as Reporter, and her sophomore year as chapter President. Leann as well was recently newly appointed as the Citrus Valley District FFA Secretary and chapter Vice-President. She competes in various competitions throughout the year with FFA and show pigs, this year she plans to take on a new challenge and will be showing a heifer for the first time. Leann's goal for the year is to prosper this junior year by getting good grades in her classes and doing any means necessary to achieve her goal. Such as studying, taken extra credit, turning in assignments on time, and going to tutoring if needed. 

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