La Joya District buses have brought up a simple way for kids to do their readings: E-books. With E-books, students can read on their way home.

E-books are easy to access. They do not require an internet connection, and they can just be easily obtained by scanning the code located on a bus. 

LJISD wants to increase reading participation by providing many elementary schools, middle schools, and even high school students the e-books. La Joya District plans to install these reading devices to over 100 buses in the district.

“[E-books] helps [students] get a better vocabulary, develop skills at a very young age, and it benefits. [It] improves their education by providing them with information they might not know. It also helps many students that don’t have access to any book during the bus ride home,” said Jasmine Alcalá, a JCEC reader.

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