Led by Jennifer Garza, Carterbots hold on to a first-place ranking throughout much of the championship seizing a second place win and maintaining first place in the overall ranking.

This school year marks the inauguration of a robotics UIL team at Jimmy Carter and through trial and tribulation the team comprised of three students managed an impressive feat for first time participants.

Captain: Franco Cada

Designer: Eliseo Reyes

Programmer: Oscar Peña

While learning and figuring out the hijinks of not only building a competition robot but also programming to run independently of a remote driver the team was steadfast in their dedication and perseverance.

The U.I.L event helps the students learn to not crack under pressure and to keep trying no matter the outcome.

“Very simple advice stay calm and enjoy the frustration and pain. Remember this, almost every robot is going to loose, but every single student wins because what you take away from this program will help you define what your future is,” said Dean L. Kamen, FIRST Co-founder.

Saturday, February 8 marked a culmination of this season’s efforts during which the Carterbots faced off in an all day events. At registration time the team surrendered their engineering notebook which chronicled their adventures and implementation.

Advancing from this championship takes the team to the South Championship to be held on February 16.

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