Students in Mr. Silva’s 1311 dual enrollment Introduction to communication class met with and documented the work of David Galvez. Our focus for this documentary was to show that pastors do not only preach but to teach the audience that they do other hard work. He has helped his community in many ways that have not only changed his life but has also changed the lives of the others in his city. He goes and prays, does weddings, funerals, marriage counseling, and he also does quinceañeras. He has even gone out of his way and has gone to go pray for the sick people, and has yet gotten woken up at 3 or 4 in the morning because someone needs prayer. Pastors do not only preach, but they also go out and serve their community.

Group Members:

Jacqueline Castro

Jorge Jimenez

Elizabeth Vasquez

•Dual Enrollment Teacher
•Adjunct Instructor UTRGV/STC
•Journalism Advisor
•RGN Advisor
•UIL Coordinator
•UIL Journalism Coach

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