On February 9th the district is scheduled to host an event at La Joya High School called Why La Joya ISD? Opportunities and Choices from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“Why La Joya?” has become an annual event highlighting what the school district has to offer students as they matriculate from primary to secondary. During the expo programs and schools will provide general facts and highlight their accomplishments and reason to want to integrate into their midst. The district will also have free food, drone & robotics display, a car show, petting zoo, door prizes, and fun activities for all. The library will host puppets, Fine Art performances, and departmental information and an opportunity to win door prizes.

This event started four years ago. The name hasn’t changed that much they added “Opportunities & Choices” and are trying to showcase the opportunities and choices offered by the district at each of the different schools that make up the community. La Joya ISD is looking to recruit new students, retain current ones, and to inform parents on why this district is best for their children. The goal is for students to graduate from La Joya ISD.

This effort targets the overall community that lives within the boundaries of the school district. At aim in this effort is to provide the community with information and to get the word out about the distinct available opportunities to students. They are targeting all people from our community to come and get informed, but their number one target is their students. They are trying to help as many students as they can.

La Joya ISD has many things to offer. This event will have all twenty-five schools in one place, all the principals will be there, and parents and their students can choose which school they like to attend during the next academic year.

“We are proud to host this event because we can brag about the offers our district has for our students, said Lilliana Salgado from Public Information Coordinator.

Andony Rincon believes that English ll and Algebra ll are the most challenging courses, but they are the most important subjects. Andony believes that the teacher who has most impacted him is Mrs.Garza, who was his 9th-grade teacher, she helped him focus on his class work and going to class every day, she pushed me to do better things. Andony also likes Algebra ll but dislikes Chemistry. Although it was a challenge, it took him 33 times to pass the reading TSI, but he finally passed it with a 353. Andony likes to believe that he is doing good in English ll. He plays soccer whenever he has time, he plays with his school friends every Thursday and Sunday. He wants to go to college because he wants to have a good job in the future. He wishes to graduate from high school with his associate's degree in interdisciplinary studies, go to STC and keep on studying to have a good career. He wants to have a good working career so he could help his community in many things.

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