A phrase that is heard a lot among students is “ill do it tomorrow”, which probably means they would do their school work some other time for something of less value or something more entertaining.

Procrastination is the “action of delaying or postponing something.” This act is very common among high school students.

The funniest thing about the act of procrastinating is that we all know that it is harmful and besides, we do not like doing it. In fact, you probably feel guilt and you do not enjoy the time you get by postponing things. Not even when it is postponed to do things like reading about how not to procrastinate.

A typical scenario for any student is to have all the intentions of studying or getting to work on some task or project for school. At the beginning everything is fine until it reaches that point where everyone is: “10 minutes of Facebook and I start doing homework.”” A while of TV and I get to work.”” Only one more episode of this series and I’ll study.” Then they are forced to tortuous sleepless and work on a lot of pressure for due dates.

So if procrastination is bad for us, why do we keep doing it?

Naylie Chavez , AKA the professional procrastinator said, “I believe that working under pressure is when someone works best.”

The main reason high school students procrastinate is because they are lazy said freshman, Elian Martinez. But in reality students procrastinate because they don’t find relevance in the assignment, for lack of motivation, and they feel overwhelmed. Other students don’t know what the teacher expects from them which makes them fear of failure.

If you find yourself to be tired of this bad habit you can simply: become more organized, block out distractions, break down assignments, get a buddy, force yourself to keep going, reward yourself, and just do it.

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