US Department of Education National Blue Ribbon School, 2018

One of the biggest accomplishments a school can achieve is being recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. It is a nation-wide recognition based on academic performance or overcoming achievement struggles for students.

To meet this status, the school must first be nominated by the U.S. Department of Education. Once nominated, the school must fill out an application. For JCECHS, the application was done by a collaborative effort of teachers and other members of the red wolf pack. On October 1, 2018,  Jimmy Carter Early College High School gets La Joya ISD recognized, for the first time in fifteen years, for having a Blue Ribbon school. Everyone in JCECHS should have pride for this event and pat themselves on the back. Everyone has a direct role in this nation-wide achievement. Only 26 Texas schools were nominated and 340 schools nationwide. Ms. Gomez-Perez, JCECHS Principal, said, “It is an honor that we were nominated.” Dr. Villarreal, JCECHS Assistant Principal, said, “The Blue Ribbon recognition is a big honor, it is a recognition that stays with us always, it decorates the students, it decorates us as staff, the community should be very proud of this accomplishment because this is a community effort, it’s not just a local effort, it’s something that everybody had a participation and involvement in attaining. Congratulations to the students and everybody, the staff, on campus. Good job.” Chelsea Gutierrez, Junior at JCECHS, said, “All of our hard work is paying off and we finally got the recognition we deserve.”
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