The year has felt different and only a couple of weeks have passed. The course of this year is running differently than last school year. There is more work, more expectations and it’s putting quite the stress on students especially with college classes and going to sleep late because of the homework assigned.

Students at Jimmy Carter Early College High School can agree that this year is going to be challenging, but with hard work, they are going to make it through by committing the time and effort to be successful.

Livan Garcia said, “I don’t know, last year was cool, the experience was great I absolutely loved it. This year seems too overwhelming especially with all of the college classes and regular classes. It’s not too much; we are supposed to be able to handle it, we will get through it; I know we will.”

Other students had different mindsets about the school year, all the work and how it’s going to all go down throughout the year.

Half of the first semester hasn’t even passed, and students have already been complaining about how much we have to do and that the year is too hard.

Michael Del Angel said, “I can’t wait until this is all over with so I can get my 60 hours and graduate so I can make a lot of money doing what I love, but I have to do everything I can for my education no matter what it takes.”

Although the work is challenging, the students agree the that the teachers are spectacular and would not be able to make it without them. The teachers have helped out so much, they have explained well, as well as they understand that we can’t do everything and let us do group activities. Therefore this year may be more stress compared to last year and more difficult, but with great effort and excellent teachers to support us, it helps a lot to know we aren’t alone.

My name is Sergio Cantu Jr I was born in august 11, 2003 in McAllen and started to live with my grandmother since my dad needed to save up money to make a house; My mom (Liza Cantu) was very young at the time she had me she was around 15 to 16 years old and my father (Sergio Cantu) was 21. I can't really remember much besides that I loved to watch hot wheels and play video games when I was very young and I very fondly remember always hanging out with my favorite uncle. He was like a role model to me, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't love the things I love today; like he showed me this music group that i used to always jam to and introduced me to video games as well, His name is Anibal Cantu. He would always say "When I grow up, I'm going to dress you up." I tried living my life like him ever since we were kids, he is 5 years older than I am, but that didn;t stop us from always doing stuff together he even used to do my homework for me in elementary just to play with me. Back when I was small, I used to be really smart and actually cared about school, but once I went into middle school I had lost most of my ambition to even care for school. Once I had gotten better internet I was able to play video games in my Freshman year of highschool, and that gave me something to do since school wasn't something I really valued. It also helped me have something left of my uncle since when I was 13 this game called Rainbow Six Siege was blowing up and I visited him and he was playing it and ever since then I still play the game because I absolutely love it and it reminds me of my uncle. For the past couple of years, also known as my highschool years it has been a blur I've had friends that I have lost as well as relationships that didn’t work out and things I have done that I regret, but now that I am a junior I can finally try in school as I have matured over the last two years of high school. I feel like a different person and my goal is to do good in all of my college classes.

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