Carter students and teacher refuse to take themselves too seriously as they battle some the plights of being a young adolescent facing real-world problems.

A side of fries does make that day look even better.

In an effort to combat the emotional toll of being not only young but also a young person at an early college members focused their angst on creating a simple but meaningful personal message about dealing with life in strides.

Yes, “the day is almost over.”

Tailoring messages to themselves, one cannot help but find a universal outcry that others will find comfort and relief in realizing they are not the only ones with those thoughts.

“I’m giving myself a break.” Don’t we all need one?

“Sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously. We are afraid to indulge in simple fun. It may seem childish, but when we are on the fringes of emotional comfort and discomfort; so, activities aimed at self compassion, acceptance and mentoring are extrememly beneficial. We all need a break from the serious to have our id go out and have a go at its instinctual impulsive self and in a manner that is focused and safe, ” said Mr. Silva organization sponsor.

“Every bad day has an end.” Nothing last forever.

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