This school year, each student and their parents were asked to sign up for Remind- an app that serves teachers, students, and parents. The app allows students and parents to ask questions or state concerns. School professionals can give feedback or make announcements. Teachers can also remind students about assignments.

When asked about the app in JCECHS, Principal Gomez-Perez said the goal for using it is to “have communication with as many people as possible.”

All teachers should be using Remind with their classes to stress upcoming assignments or any inform of sudden news. Parents are incorporated by receiving alerts of events or other essential news.

Many students of JCECHS are supportive of the app because they get told about the day’s homework and due dates. One senior sums it up with [its useful] “because I forget a lot of things.”

However, some students do not share this opinion. They see Remind more as a bother than a help.

One student shares, “One teacher keeps sending messages that are repeated so after a while, they get a little annoying.”

Due to the principal feeling Remind is satisfactory, students and parents can count on receiving more useful (or pestering) messages.

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