Mila Obnial, a dedicated Math teacher at Jimmy  Carter Early College High School, has been voted Teacher of the Month by Red Gold News .

Ms. Obnial is someone that truly showcases what the job of a teacher is, not only in academia but also as a key role model to her students, and these attributes have made her a better person.

With her signature phrase, “Liars go to hell,” she teaches her students to speak the truth, even when others don’t. Two years ago, she asked the principal at the time, Ms. Zepulveda, if she could be given the advanced math students to train them, and within the time together, both Ms. Obnial and the students grew a bond that was special. “We treat each other like family,” said a previous student that belonged to that group, Janie Cruz.

Hardworking, dedicated, organized, motivational, outgoing, and intelligent are a few words to describe Jimmy Carter’s teacher of the month. Her personal goals are to improve every class period and to make sure that her student doesn’t leave the classroom without having understood the topic discussed. “I will not go on until everyone has mastered it,” is what she’d say.

The confidence she has in her students is genuine and from the heart. Mrs. Obnial will continue to go above and beyond to build positive relationships with her students. 

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