University Interscholastic League (UIL) is an organization that organizes competitions between schools. UIL allows students to show their knowledge and be recognized.

Mrs. Camarillo, UIL coordinator, said,“ UIL is an organization that gives the students a lot of motivation, and it focuses on what they want to be later in life; as a team we also make students find their strength and what they like the most.”

Some activities that students can participate in UIL are:
  • Math
  • Number Sense
  • Science
  • Current Events
  • Calculators
  • Computer science
  • Ready Writing
  • Spelling
  • Informative and Persuasive Speaking
  • Journalism
  • Debate
  • Prose Poetry
  • Film Theatrical Design
  • Robotics

UIL is a tremendous opportunity for students to get a scholarships.

Andrea Olmedo said, “UIL for me is important because it helps me in my education, and it gives me more knowledge for life.”

Jimmy Carter student, class of 2020.

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