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Annual Art Competition

On November 1, 2019, students of the La Joya District are going to share their holiday Christmas spirit and their present their artistic abilities in this year’s annual Art Competition of 2019.

Students will need to create their original artwork in a five by seven greeting card, following the theme called “Shine Bright and Show your Holiday Pride.” 

The greeting cards will be published and printed throughout the district web page for everyone to see, and the cards will be mailed out to the teachers and staff from the La Joya I.S.D.

Carter students will compete within their grade level and from other schools in the district. Competitors should submit their artworks to the art teacher, Nilda Valle, by Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, by 4:00 p.m.

The school superintendent, Gisela Saenz, and the administration of the La Joya ISD will be the ones judging and selecting the top five students from the district as the top finalists. They will post their artworks on the Facebook page, and the artworks with the most likes will be the winner. The winners will be announced at the La Joya ISD Facebook page on November 14, 2019.

The winner of 2019 will be recognized and receive a special gift

 Students of Carter who want to participate in the art competition should talk to the art teacher Nilda Valle for more information.

Teacher Ramiro Garza’s Words Will Make You Rethink Life

“I don’t even know what fifty is supposed to feel like,” said Garza as he spoke to his 7th-period students, as they were asking him why he looks so young for his age.

Ramiro Garza, a U.S. History teacher at Jimmy Carter Early College High School, celebrated his 50th birthday. He currently teaches more than ninety students, helping them learn the country’s history and how the bible has influenced it, and how it plays into the oppression of particular groups of people.