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While La Joya ISD was anticipating to celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2020, ALL graduation ceremonies have been postponed due to inclement weather. We will be working to celebrate the La Joya ISD Class of 2020 with In-Person graduations as soon as weather permits. To our graduates and their families we apologize for the postponement and inconvenience as the safety of our students, parents, staff and community remains our number one priority.

Hey 2020 Graduate

ATTENTION: SENIORS–Class of 2020 with the outdoor in-person Commencement Ceremonies we will be hosting, the safety of our community, employees, students, and guests remain a top priority for the La Joya ISD. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our employees and guests, we are conducting a simple guest screening questionnaire. Graduate and guest participation is vital to help us take precautionary measures to protect you and everyone in our facilities. Screening is one of several guidelines required to host outdoor in-person graduation ceremonies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Graduates and guests must complete a questionnaire. Below is the link to the form that you must submit to receive your entrance tickets to the ceremony. You have up to 4 tickets with assigned seating.
Example: If you are taking all four guests than you will submit the form 5 times, 1 for you and 1 for each guest.
Please let us know if you have any questions

Now What?

The past few weeks have been hectique, I’ve worked extremely hard, have studied, and pushed through the hardships trying to get through all I want to accomplish. I’ve done my homework, quizzes and have been able to keep my grades up. As well as getting prepared and working on phase two of running for an Area officer position. This Monday I had my last two interviews after turning my two speeches in on Friday after making it to phase two of the process of becoming an Area officer.

 Wednesday I found out that I will not be becoming one of the Area officers. The advisor thankfully let us have the chance to turn off our audio and cameras on the zoom call as she announced the results which would be a God sent. As she called out the 7 officers from each district, my district was left to be announced to the end and my nerves grew stronger and stronger and as my name didn’t get called tears fell down my face. I cried not because I’m selfish, or jealous. I cried because of all the hard work, dedication on time that I put into this because I truly have a passion to serve and wanted to be part of the team. I cried because I wanted to be part of this amazing opportunity to be part of a team which helped others grow through the organization and help grow the next generation of leaders and I won’t be able to be that for my Area. But I know my worth and I know that everything happens for a reason, so I know I will overcome this loss and be strong. 

After the announcements as tears fell down my face I had to announce to everyone who helped me through the process of running and who have been there by my side and who have guided me and encouraged me along the way. These words helped me calm down and have faith in the future, and in myself.

 I plan on doing something big this year, with all this new time that I have I don’t know what it will be yet, maybe  I will create my own blog, a business, possibly I’ll get into photograph I’m not sure but i do know I want to work on doing something, maybe get my grades better and focus more on school and what my future endeavors hold. 

But I will take my own advice as I said in my canaduate speech. I will not fear the ups and downs but embrace them, because they are part of my journey in the organization and now life. I will continue to take the advice I have preached through the years and take them into my everyday life, I’m glad I have got to take part in this experience and although the end result wasn’t the one I hoped for it was a ride  that was impactful, memorable, and one I wouldn’t  mind  to experience again. 

AP Season is Here, What Now?

In a couple of days, the enduring hazy blue late nights spent looking over Newton’s fundamental laws of motion and the peppy chirpy lectures of Mr. Greg Jacobs will be brought to a close. A 45-minute blank white test will hurl the concepts of torque, kinematics, energy, and dynamics my way– all in two simple seperate questions.

I’ve always liked physics and naively ignored all the demeaning discredit many gave it. I thought: “Physics is literally just math— the actual love of my life— but applied to real world situations.” My soft impression of physics was just Math 2.0; little did I know a whole rocky, asteriod belt of complex physics questions moving faster than the speed of light would try to knock my determination to learn down. 

I now realize that even though—  at a glance— Physics uses many elements of Mathematics, they are as related as I am to my neighbor’s second cousin’s brother. Maybe I’m being a little exaggerated— just a tad bit irrational— but after studying seven heavy units of AP Physics, I, disappointingly, did little to no math while doing Physics problems. Physics had now become an even stepper mountain to climb— yet it wasn’t a complete hopeless ride. 

The conceptual questions on the Physics test always vary. Finding a small answer can take you as quick as a finger snap, or I’ll take staring at the empty computer screen for a good five minutes until that glorious “aha” moment hits. 

I talk from experience when I say that you have to carefully– and I cannot stress this enough– slowly, read the question being asked. Skimming over questions isn’t the best approach to AP; you could potentially miss a crucial component or detail given that is essential to solving the problem. From Mr. Joshua Beck’s calm and collected instructions, keeping your cool is the best way to go. Yes, AP gives more stress than a small orange fish in a sea of raging sharks, however, AP tests are not impossible to ace. That five is achievable; if—  along with the late night study sessions— you secure strong unwithering perseverance to successfully pass. 

Passing the Physics test is the top goal on my lengthy to do list. I spent a good 2-hour FaceTime call with my astonishingly crazy smart Physics buddy from Palmview to answer some free response questions. From that moment on, I grew increasingly confident in potentially passing this grueling test. All because I realized one thing— I wasn’t alone. 

Plenty of stressed out high schoolers across the nation are in your position. Whether it’s struggling with drastically different classes like AP World History or AP Macroeconomics, on the inside we’re all the same—  we want to pass. AP Season is here. What went from being eight long months away has now zoomed to the top of our calendars. The iridescent, stunning opportunity for well earned college hours is knocking on our door. The only question is: “Are we going to run the full tiresome mile to open it?”

Feeling rushed

This week has felt so rushed and stressful since AP tests are coming up. I finished writing my 5-page research paper, and I’ve never felt so relieved. I was apprehensive that I would not be able to turn in my assignments on time, and I am currently doing some at the moment as well. Eventually, I studied some old AP exam questions, and I had placed a timer to help me manage my time with each item. I taught myself to remain calm under pressure, and I’ve been improving quite a bit; I hope to get at least a three on the physics exam. Also, I’ve been finishing the long assignments before deadlines and complete the short ones for later, leaving off with extra days just to chill. Hopefully, my hotspot remains to have stable and fast wifi for the rest of the week. I am with my dad up north, and shockingly, the local people in this small town are not wearing any masks or anything. Only the cashiers were wearing them, and I felt a sense of tension and awkwardness when my mom and I were the only ones protected. On the other hand, it’s been very chilly here, and I was able to spend time with my whole family. My dad brought us to where he works, what he specialized in, and what types of things he does daily. It made me feel closer to him knowing how it’s not an easy job in my point of view, but it is also hazardous since there are many rattlesnakes, scorpions, and wild boars roaming around. On the other hand, I’ve been distracting myself with social media, and I’m also studying so much that I figured out how easy physics and math can be once you get the hang of it. I would always hesitate and give up once I’d see a long word problem or equation, but I’ve taught myself to try and engage in solving the problem, and I’ve returned to loving math now. I still stumble on remembering formulas and forgetting to put the decimal in the correct spot. Again, I understand lessons better than before, instead of immediately asking for my friends if they knew how to do it. Alth
ough, I still may be slacking off from time to time because I’m still not used to doing school online, and I honestly really don’t like it. I texted my old best friend who’s homeschooled, and she’s been giving me some advice like; don’t work on your bed or have your phone with you when doing so, and it’s been beneficial. I haven’t been texting all of my friends always, but I do check up on them once in a while. But, yeah, I heard there were giant deadly hornets which are fresh and very scary, of course. Other than that, I have been safe and protected, and everyone in my family hasn’t been sick with the pandemic, and hopefully, they and everyone in the world continue to stay safe during the quarantine.

Barbershops, Hair salon, Nail salon–oh–oh–My!

As from today, May 8, they officially opened the Barbershops, Hair salon, and Nail salon. I’m thrilled that they already permitted the hair salon to reopen because I needed a hair cut immediately. When I heard that they were going to close the hair salon, I was so depressed because I was going to have to wait to cut my hair until they reopened the hair salon to be able to cut my hair once again. Due to the hair salon being closed, I had to wait eight weeks until they reopened the hair salon and was approved for people to go and cut their hair. So now that the hair salon and barbershops are open, I’m delighted because now I can go to cut my hair. When going to cut my hair in the hair salon, I have to wear a face mask to be able to get inside the hair salon. Second I have to sing my name in a notebook and wait until they call so I can get my hair cut and put germ-X. Third, the only time I was allowed to take off my face mask was when the lady was going to trim my beard. What I love about going to cut my hair is that they treated me with respect and they followed the COVID-19 guidelines so no client

Carter Library Hosts Red Wolves Reading Challenge

Carter Librarian Ms. Cavazos is hosting the Red Wolves Reading Challenge. She is challenging all of you to read and test A.R. books for the opportunity to earn Barnes and Noble gift cards. Do you want to purchase new books for yourself? Drink some Starbucks coffee? Join the challenge! May the best readers win!

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