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Presidential Election 2020

  Donald Trump VS Joe Biden Presidential Election. This election is continuously being updated due to late voting counts in different states. The election/debate began back on November 3, 2020. This year’s election is still going on. Therefore, there is no presidential winner yet.    There have...

Rank number one

Boxing is a contact sport where you get points by hitting an opponent. Keyla Pruneda, 14 years old, ranked number one in the nation, is going to defend her title at the 2020 Boxing National Championship at Louisiana. With her recent loss against Jesselyn Silva, Keyla is looking forward to her rematch.

The United States New Era

Joe Biden was announced to be the 46th president of the United States, but Donald Trump refused to take the loss of the 2020 presidential elections claiming that the election was rigged by voting fraud and illegal ballots. Current students have been through about five to six presidential elections and have never heard about an unfair election and unlawful acts with voting ballots.

Plastic Hearts

Plastic Hearts is Miley Cyrus’s seventh studio album and was released on November 27, 2020. This LP comes after her EP “She Is Coming” and single “Slide Away” both released in 2019. Although the single is not a part of this album, it provides a lot of insight as to where this LP would be going. This being her previous relationship with her now ex-husband. Throughout the LP she provides a lot of insight on how she is feeling and how she still thinks about the relationship and the way it has affected her.

The lead single that came out of this album was “MIdnight Sky”. The song channeled a Stevie Nicks kind of vibe that would have come out in the ’80s. What makes this song even better is the remix of Midnight Sky and Edge of Seventeen. Given the current trend of nostalgic dance/ synth-pop, the single felt very different than many of the songs being released at the time. In the song, Miley discusses how she feels great about leaving the relationship and how it has led her to feel free in a sense. The second single that was released to promote the album was “Prisoner” featuring Dua Lipa. The song is very similar to that of “Physical” by Oliva Newton-John. When the single was initially released I found the song to be very boring with not a lot being done production-wise to really help elevate the song. However, after listening to it within the context of the album, I have to come to appreciate the song a little more. I would also like to say that Miley and Dua Lipa have a lot of chemistry within the song that really does make all the difference.

The album is very 80’s rock with a little bit of punk and a hint of electric pop. You can clearly tell what she was going for considering the two other features are Billy Idol and Joan Jett. Both individuals have experience and are widely known for their rock status. Throughout the album, Miley will often switch between a rock and a very slowed down country. Although I hadn’t seen this the first time around it became very apparent after really thinking about the LP. Although I don’t mind the country songs, they do take away a lot of what is supposed to be an 80’s rock album.

The album starts off with “WTF Do I Know” and is a magnificent intro into the album. The bass line throughout the song is so good, and the lyrics are outstanding. One of my favorite lyrics from this song has to be “Am I wrong that I moved on and I don’t even miss?” This song is a clear indicator as to what she is going to talk about throughout the LP. The album then moves on to the title track “Plastics Hearts”. Within this song, Miley provides a lot of good vocal delivery that really elevates the song. Within this song, Miley talks about how she “just wants to feel something” this being an emotion of some sort because she is “hollow” on the inside. We then move on to “Angels Like You” and we start to see the country songs. This song is very good and really shows us exactly how Miley feels about what happened with the relationship between her and her ex-husband. Moving on the album then goes into “Prisoner” and then into “Gimme What I Want”. “Gimme What I Want” I think is where we can see a little bit of the punk influence. The lyrics show us that Miley at one point didn’t care about the other person in the relationship’s emotions and how it would often lead to her harming herself mentally. Following this track is “Night Crawling” featuring Billy Idol. The song has amazing vocal performances from Billy and Miley where you can almost hear a growl in their voices that add a lot to the song as a whole. After this song is “Midnight Sky” then “High”.” High” goes back into a more slowed down country that has Miley talking about how she is still feeling “high” about the relationship she left behind and how it will always be with her. Next is the track “Hate Me” where Miley wonders about when a certain person will ever stop hating her for what she has done and is also where she takes full responsibility for what she did. Within the song, I love she sings the lyric “hate me” especially at the end of the song where it really wraps up the song. Following this track is “Bad Karma” featuring Joan Jett. This one I feel is very country rock and I really appreciate the song because of it. Miley and Joan’s voices go so well together that I actually thought it was Miley singing throughout the song. Moving on the next track is “Never Be Me”. This song has to be one of the most thoughtful songs on the LP and is where Miley really reflects on who she is. What I especially love about this song is the switch up of the lyrics towards the end of the track because they show how much she is willing to try in a relationship. To close off the LP Miley decides to go for the track “Golden G String”. Although the title of the track may sound a bit inappropriate, the song itself is actually very insightful on Miley’s time within the music industry and how it has changed over the course of it. The basic premise is that she doesn’t care what the media has to say about her and that she is going to do what she wants to do now. I found this track to be a great closer to the album and possibly shows where her music career could be going. I would also like to state that there are three bonus tracks on the album one being “Edge of Midnight” and the other two being “Heart of Glass” and “Zombie” these being remakes of old songs. However, in these songs, Miley adds her own spin to them. My favorite one personally is “Heart of Glass” because of the way Miley utilizes her vocals throughout the song.

The album totals to being around 50 minutes with 15 tracks including the bonus. I found the album as a whole to be very well made and a very thoughtful and reflecting look at Miley Cyrus’ current life. I look forward to seeing what else Miley has in store for the future and I trust that it will be amazing.

Districts Holds Special Board Meeting to Swear-in Newly Elected Members.

On Friday the 13th, La Joya ISD called a special board meeting at the La Joya Football stadium for a swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected board members as of the November third election. The newly elected school board trustees that have been sworn into office are Dr. Alda T. Benavides of Place 4, Armin Garza of Place 5, Oscar “Coach” Salinas of Place 6, and Alejandro Alex Cantu of Place 7.

Dr. Alda T. Benavides was the first sworn in and was done so by state representative Sergio Munoz Jr. . After pledging her oath to the board, she gave a speech thanking her family and supporters for encouraging her to run for office while also acknowledging those who have passed away recently.

“Especially Mr. Sergio Munoz Sr., who told me right before he went into the hospital, “you don’t have to wait for anyone to give you permission to run if you want to run, you run” he also told me that all super ex intendants win, and I guess he saw something that I didn’t because he was right.”

Following Dr. Alda T. Benavides’s speech, Armin Garza was then sworn in to the board by Rodrigo Lopez, the Mayor of the City of Penitas. Following Armin Garza’s pledge of the oath, he gave a speech giving gratitude to his supporters and family.

“One of the biggest people I want to say thank you to and show my gratitude, and I want them to know that they are the reason I am elected for another four years, is our voters and supporters. For a better part of six months, our supporters gave up days and nights in the cold weather, the hot weather, whatever it may be, but they gave up their time with their families because they believed in a vision that our slate put forth.”

Oscar “Coach” Salinas then followed suit and was sworn in as the school board secretary and was also sworn in by Mayor Rodrigo Lopez. As with the previously elected officials, after Oscar Omar Garcia took his oath, he also gave a speech except that he only said a small part of it in English and Spanish.

Oscar “Coach” Salinas starts off by thanking his family members for always being there for him and acknowledging some of the people that have passed away in his life recently.

He continued on by saying that if it weren’t for them then he would be where he is now.

He also stated that he would keep the promises he made throughout the campaign and ensure that La Joya ISD will come out on top of the other districts.

Alejandro Alex Cantu was the final of the four elected trustees to be sworn in and was succeeded by Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez. Like the other elected officials, he also gave a speech thanking his many supporters and family members.

“Now it is not about one or two people; it is about all of us working together, we are in the middle of a crisis, and at the end of the day, we all have to work together to prove and be there for our community, our staff, and most importantly our students.”

Following this, School Board President Esperanza “Espie” Ochoa congratulates each of the elected members, and thanks everyone for coming to the meeting. Superintendent Dr. Gisela Saenz continues by thanking everyone that helped to make the meeting possible.

The meeting is then closed off with a presentation, including a firework display, a video of the district, and a music clip from the “Three Schools, One Voice” Mariachi and Folklorico concert from November of 2019. After the presentation, Espie Ochoa officially ends the meeting.

The meeting totaled to be about an hour, and due to many of the Covid-19 restrictions, very few people were in attendance. Some people were seated on the track, these being the elected officials’ family members, and a majority of people sat up in the stands cheering the newly elected board members on.

The Afterlife: Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

From sugar skulls to a countless amount of marigold petals stretching from house to house. The smell of pan de Muerto at every bakery and music playing from all directions. Cemeteries full of people to see their loved ones that have passed and in their homes are homemade alter with food and pictures.

Time to get down to decision making. The new student body representatives are having a meeting via Google Meets staying safe and practicing remote learning. Photo credits by Angelica Garcia.

Last year Battle of the Books
Last Year

Battle of the Books : Fourth Member

This year, Mrs Cavazos, Jimmy Carter Librarian is looking for a fourth member to join the club called Battle of the Books to compete for the upcoming February ,2021.
“How can you participate in the Battle of the Books?”, was my first question on the list..

The librarian answered, ” In order to join the club, you need to be completely sure that you’re reading the five books this year. Then you need to test on them in renaissance learning and have a good grade. Also you need to keep up with your classes for these two semesters.”

“What are the activities once you join in”

” The activities that we do is by reading the books in a group, writing questions that seem important to the story. And once we finish a book we go online and play on kahoot or on quizzes on the same book that we finish.”

“When is the competition?”, I said

She replied, ” The competition is in February, 2021, and it is on virtual meaning online.”

If you have any question regarding or wishing to be in the please contact Mrs. Cavazos

phone number : 956 – 624 – 6342


United States Fate: Chaotic Presidential Elections

With 2020 being the year of the presidential election, there are concerns from students regarding both candidates: Joe Biden and Donald Trump.  Junior class parliamentarian Rachel Cruz describes herself as “anxious, curious, and worried” about the presidential election’s upcoming results.  “ I’m curious to see...

Pandemic exacerbates health problems across the world.

During the coronavirus pandemic, most kids lives changed for the worse as daily activities and events were canceled. The lack of mobility and uncertainty of what the virus could do led to people staying indoors for more extended periods than usual. Now more than ever...

COVID-19 opens eyes

The ongoing pandemic has given students a new outlook on school and life.  “It truly has changed my perspective on life,” a junior, Karolina Hernandez, said. Hernández said that the virus has been hard on her, but it has made her appreciate her family. With...

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