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A step towards health

Type One Diabetes is responsible for taking 700,000 American lives every year and is the 7th leading cause of death in the nation. A statistic registry done by the UTRGV Border Health Office found that 17.8% of the population in Hidalgo County has been diagnosed with diabetes, and it affects a majority of the people throughout the rest of the Rio Grande Valley as well.

As a response to this issue Diabetes Awareness walks were started in the La Joya ISD by the Wellness Department and are coordinated by Marissa Saenz.

On November 12, the La Joya Stadium will have a Diabetes Awareness Walk, where members of the community will gather to raise awareness for this prominent community issue.

Many school organizations will volunteer and attend the walk, including our own Leo’s Club. “I find it important to attend the walk because it shares awareness that diabetes is the second leading cause of death here in the valley for Hispanics, and I don’t think enough of us know that,” said Yesenia Torres the coordinator of Leo’s Club at Carter.

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